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Can I opt out of the New Device Detection notifications?

Customers cannot opt out of the New Device Detection notifications as this measure is intended to help customers detect any unauthorised login from a new mobile device.

Is it possible for customers to receive New Device Detection notifications even when they are using a device that they have used to log in to DBS digibank HK before?

There are 3 possibilities:

  1. The Bank’s New Device Detection system (“System”) captures customers’ mobile device information for DBS digibank HK logins from 3 Sep 2023 and onwards. For DBS digibank HK logins before 3 Sep 2023, the mobile device information would not be in the System’s record and therefore, any subsequent logins would trigger the New Device Detection notification.

  2. The System captures customers’ last 5 mobile devices used to log in to DBS digibank HK. If the mobile device used for DBS digibank HK login is not one of those 5 devices, this will trigger the New Device Detection notification as well.

  3. The customer’s last DBS digibank HK login is more than 2 years ago.

Internet / mobile banking credential
  • The username and password of your DBS iBanking, DBS digibank HK or DBS Card+ should be difficult to guess. Do not use easily accessible personal information such as your telephone number or date of birth in your passwords.
  • Never use the same DBS iBanking, DBS digibank HK or DBS Card+ password for other financial or non-financial web-based services such as for email, online shopping, digital identity and other online subscription services.
  • Never store your username and password in or keep them with any devices. Make sure you disguise them if you write them down.
  • Keep your username and password confidential at all times. Do not let anyone else use them.
  • Never reveal your One Time Password, or Secure PIN generated by Secure Device or Digital Token.
  • Regularly change your DBS iBanking, DBS digibank HK or DBS Card+ password.
  • Log off your online session every time after use.
Keep your device safe
  • Do not install suspicious software or applications from un-authenticated sources or third-party platforms on the Internet.
  • Avoid using shared/public computer (e.g. computers at coffee shops / libraries) or devices to log in to DBS iBanking, DBS digibank HK or DBS Card+.
  • Never leave your device unattended.
  • Keep your Secure Device in a safe place.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and history after each session.
  • Set a passcode / lock screen pattern for your mobile phone that is difficult to guess. Activate the auto-lock function.
  • Use the latest versions of operating system, applications and browser. Do not use mobile phone / tablet which is jailbroken / rooted.
  • Install mobile applications from Apple App Store or Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery only.
  • Review application permissions and ensure permissions requested are appropriate for the type of application being downloaded.
  • Install and regularly update anti-virus or anti-malware software.
  • Consider downloading an ad blocker to enable the device’s browser to block advertisements and pop-ups.
  • Keep your login and biometric credentials (such as fingerprint) used to unlock your device safe and secure to prevent unauthorised use of your device.
  • Always read the authentication message carefully, including the transaction details, date and time, before authenticating any transaction with your Digital Token.
Secured network
  • Ensure adequate security (e.g. choose encrypted network and avoid using public Wi-Fi) for wireless network and devices, and take extreme caution when accessing public Wi-Fi connections. Regularly remove unnecessary Wi-Fi connection settings.
  • Turn off any wireless network functions (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC) and contactless mobile payment features (e.g. payment apps) when not in use to reduce the risk of electronic pick-pocketing.
  • Always connect to DBS iBanking by typing our web address, bookmarking it for subsequent access or via the official DBS digibank HK. Always connect to DBS Card+ by typing our web address , bookmarking it for subsequent access or via the official DBS Card+ mobile app.
Be vigilant at all time
  • Check your account and transaction history details regularly.
  • Check our SMS messages and email notifications in a timely manner.
  • Notify us immediately by calling Customer Service Hotline (852) 2290 8888 in case of any suspicious last logon time for DBS iBanking, DBS digibank HK or DBS Card+, unusual transactions or situations (e.g. suspicious pop-up screens or abnormal login steps).
  • Update us via DBS iBanking or branches as soon as possible when you change your contact details.
  • Do not open or click on hyperlinks in SMS, MMS, or email messages from unknown or suspicious sources.
  • Do not open unsolicited emails and their attachments.
  • Do not input login credential or any personal information via any hyperlink embedded in an email. We or our business partners / agents will not send you emails with embedded hyperlinks or QR code that direct you to our login page of DBS iBanking, DBS digibank HK or DBS Card+.
  • Do not disclose your sensitive personal information via suspicious calls. We will not ask for your sensitive personal information such as your password and One Time Password via phone calls or emails.
  • Do not forward any of our SMS or emails which you might use to access DBS iBanking, DBS digibank HK or DBS Card+ to another device or email address.


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