Online Registration for DBS iBanking

You may click “Register” on DBS iBanking or DBS digibank HK login page to register your DBS iBanking service online.

How do I register online for DBS iBanking?

You can register by following the steps below:

  1. Visit our DBS iBanking / DBS digibank HK login page and click on "Register"

  2. Enter your personal information for identity verification. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions

  3. Enter the required credentials for authentication

  4. Set your username and password, confirm your registered mobile phone number and enter your email address

  5. An SMS One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile phone number. Verify the details shown on the page and enter the OTP to complete the registration

Visit Online Demo for more details.

What if I disagree with the Terms and Conditions or Data Policy Notice?

You will not be able to register. A message will pop up asking you to click "OK" to terminate your registration or "Cancel" to accept and continue with your registration.

For online registration, do I need all three cards (an ATM card, Cashline card and credit card) to complete the application?

You only need one card, which can be any one of those. However, if you have a single-name DBS bank account, you are required to provide your ATM card number.


Important Note:

If you have a bank account but not an ATM card, or your ATM card is not a single-name ATM card, please register by visiting any of our branches and completing the DBS iBanking Application Form.

I do not have a HKID card. Can I still register for DBS iBanking online?

If you possess a DBS ATM card, credit card or a DBS Cashline card, you can simply enter a valid passport number for identity verification in the online registration process.

I want to adjust some of my daily online transaction limits but I am not allowed to do so during the online registration process. Can I make these changes later?

Yes. You can always adjust these limits through "Manage Transaction Limit" under "Preferences" after logging on to iBanking. You need to use secure device and One Time Password (OTP) for these limits adjustment are required.

Do I have to register my mobile phone number during online registration?

Yes. You are required to register your mobile phone number for receiving One Time Password (OTP). Depending on your security setting, you may be asked to enter an OTP when you log in to DBS iBanking / DBS digibank HK or perform designated transactions.

Should I restart my online registration for DBS iBanking if my session times out?

If you leave your PC idle for a period of time, a message will pop up prompting you to continue with your registration. If no response is received within a set period of time, the system will automatically terminate the registration to prevent unauthorised access. You will need to restart the registration to complete the application.

How can I know if my online registration is successful?

There is a reference number associated with every successful online registration.

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