Get started on DBS iBanking

You may apply DBS iBanking service through DBS iBanking, DBS digibank HK or at a branch.

How can I apply/register for DBS iBanking service?

DBS consumer banking customers can apply/register for the service in one of the following ways:


(a) Register through DBS iBanking / DBS digibank HK:

1. Get ready your:

  • ATM card number and ATM PIN, or

  • Credit Card number and Card Expiry Date, or

  • Cashline Card number and Card Expiry Date

2. Go to DBS iBanking / DBS digibank HK login page and click "Get Started" to register for the service

3. Start using DBS iBanking / DBS digibank HK service as soon as your registration is completed


(b) Apply at a DBS branch:

1. You can download ”DBS iBanking Application Form” here, sign and submit the completed form in person through branches

2. Please click the "Get Started" button on the DBS iBanking login page on the next business day and then use the Initial Username or Secure Device^ to activate your iBanking service.

^ If you have a registered Secure Device, you can use it for authentication. Please follow the instructions to proceed.


Important Note:

If you are a joint name account customer, please visit any of our branches and apply for DBS iBanking service.

Visit Online Demo for more details.

How soon will I be able to use DBS iBanking?

Online registration is the fastest and most convenient way to apply for the service. You may enjoy DBS iBanking service instantly after completing the registration.

Applying at a DBS branch takes 2-3 business days to activate the service.

Can I register for DBS iBanking without a DBS account?

No. You must have a valid account with DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited before you can register for DBS iBanking.

You do not need DBS iBanking service if you only want to apply for DBS Treasures or other accounts, credit card, personal loan and insurance services online.

Can I manage my single-name and joint-name accounts through DBS iBanking?


Single-name account

Joint-name account

(joint signatures not required)

Joint-name account

(joint signatures required)

Manageable through DBS iBanking?





Joint deposit accounts and investment accounts (excluding securities accounts and investment fund accounts) that do not require joint signatures are automatically added to your DBS iBanking profiles. To add other joint-name accounts to your DBS iBanking profile, please download “DBS iBanking Application Form” here and return the completed form to any of our branches.

Do I have the option of temporarily suspending iBanking and resuming it at a later date?

Yes, you can call our service hotline 2290 8888 or download “DBS iBanking Service Request Form” here and return the completed form to any of our branches to temporarily suspend your DBS iBanking account.

If you want to resume the service afterwards, simply submit the same Service Request Form.

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