ATM card services on DBS digibank HK NEW

Apply for a New Card Thinking of applying for an ATM Card but don’t want to visit a branch?
You just need your mobile to apply. Your application will be handled instantly wherever you are.

  1. Login DBS digibank HK​
  2. Navigate to “ATM Card Services” tab. ​
  3. Select “Apply for a New Card”​
  4. Confirm your application details and tap “SUBMIT” ​
  5. New card application completed.
Apply for a New Card ​
Reset ATM Card PIN Forgot your ATM PIN?
Reset/ Change your ATM PIN instantly anytime, anywhere.

  1. Login DBS digibank HK​
  2. Navigate to “ATM Card Services” tab. ​
  3. Select “Reset Card PIN”​
  4. Input your new PIN twice​
  5. Change completed.
Reset ATM PIN ​​
Replace ATM Card If you want to replace your ATM card, just do so via mobile banking.
It’s free and instant to process your application. Save your time queuing at branch.

  1. Login DBS digibank HK​
  2. Navigate to “ATM Card Services” tab.
  3. Select “Replace ATM Card”
  4. Choose the reason for replacing card.
  5. Confirm details and tap “SUBMIT”
  6. ATM card replacement application completed.
Replace ATM Card
Report loss/ Block Your ATM card is lost or stolen?
No worries, log in to mobile banking and report loss / block your ATM card instantly.

  1. Login DBS digibank HK​
  2. Navigate to “ATM Card Services” tab. ​
  3. Select “Block Card/Report Lost”​
  4. Confirm details and tap “BLOCK NOW”.
  5. The ATM Card is blocked.
Report Loss/ Block​

Services and Benefits

Banking Services via our ATM Networks, including:

  • Cash withdrawal (HKD/RMB)
  • Jetco Cardless Withdrawal4
  • Cash/Cheque deposit* via ATM Card / ATM QR
  • Balance enquiry
  • Funds transfer *
  • Cheque book/statement request
  • Overseas Transaction Setting
  • JET payment service (including credit card payment, bill payment and charity donation)

* The name of the recipient account is shown on the advice for your easy reference

DBS ATM Card - Services and Benefits

  • Manage up to 10 accounts through the JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong, Macau, and China, and China UnionPay ATMs around the globe
  • Make payment through the EPS and China UnionPay's merchant Point-of-sale (POS) terminals and Payment-by-phone services (PPS)
  • Preset daily limits for cash withdrawal, funds transfer and payments
  • Simpler cash withdrawal service with "Fast Cash Card" for seniors aged 65 or above
  • No annual card fee

Service Overview

ATM network Services Applicable accounts Handling fee per cash withdrawal transaction
DBS ATMs in Hong Kong
  • Cash withdrawal(HKD/RMB)1
  • Jetco Cardless Withdrawal4
  • Cash / Cheque Depositsvia ATM Card / ATM QR
  • Funds transfer
  • Balance enquiry
  • Cheque book / statement request
  • Password change
  • JET payment
  • Fast Cash Service2
  • HKD Account
  • RMB Account
  • Free
  • Cash withdrawal1
  • Funds transfer
  • Balance enquiry
  • Cheque book / statement request
  • Password change
  • JET payment
  • Fast Cash Service2
  • HKD Account
  • In Hong Kong: Free
  • Outside Hong Kong: HK$25 handling fee per transaction
China UnionPay
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Balance enquiry
  • POS payment at China UnionPay merchant terminal
  • HKD Account5
  • RMB Account6
  • From HKD Account: HK$15 handling fee per transaction
  • From RMB Account: RMB15 handling fee per transaction


  • Yes, you can amend your correspondence address via DBS iBanking by tapping “Not your current address” on screen during ATM Card application through DBS digibank HK. ​
  • This amendment process will take up to 3 working days to reflect the update. You will receive SMS upon successful amendment. You can apply for a new ATM Card via "ATM Card Services" on DBS digibank HK thereafter.”

Simply apply via DBS digibank HK. Your application will be handled instantly wherever you are. ​

Customer benefits​

  1. Quick and Easy: Submit your application with only a few steps via mobile and save your time from visiting our branches for the ATM card application. ​
  2. Instant: All ATM Card applications via DBS digibank HK will be processed in real-time.

No. There are no fees and charges for ATM Card application via DBS digibank HK. 

Yes. You can reset ATM Card PIN for a maximum of 5 times in a day via DBS digibank HK.   For card replacement, it takes up to 5 calendar days to process your card replacement before you raise your next request of card replacement via the app.  

Customer benefits​

  1. Quick and Easy: Submit your request in a few steps and save your time from visiting our branches for the ATM Card application. ​
  2. Instant: All those requests will be processed in real time. For example, if you want to block your ATM Card, it can be done with just a few taps.

No. There are no fees and charges for managing your ATM Card via DBS digibank HK 

You can check “Help & Support” or use our DBS digibot for other inquiries. ​


Limit Overview

Services Daily limits per ATM card
ATM cash withdrawal (HKD/RMB)
  • HKD Account: HK$20,000
  • RMB Account: RMB20,000
Funds transfer to account(s) linked to the ATM card
  • HK$200,000 (including funds transfer to DBS Credit Card Accounts for bill payment)
Funds transfer to account(s) not linked to the ATM card
  • HK$50,000 (including funds transfer to self-named accounts not linked to the ATM card, third party accounts, and JET payment via ATM)
Jet payments
POS payment at EPS merchant terminals
  • HKD Account: HK$50,000 (including up to HK$50,000 Jockey Club CIT Telebet transactions and cash voucher purchase*)
  • RMB Account: RMB50,000 (only applicable to POS payment at China UnionPay merchant terminals)
*Currently preset at HK$0
POS payment at China UnionPay merchant terminals
PPS debit and eIPO via ATM
  • Total: HK$100,000

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  1. The minimum withdrawal amount is HK$100/RMB100 for DBS ATMs and HK$400/RMB400 for other ATMs.
  2. Only applicable to Fast Cash cardholders
  3. Deposit limits of different channels :
    Deposit Channel Maximum Amount per Transaction Maximum number of Cheques / Notes Accepted per Transaction Daily Cash Deposit Limit per Account
    Cash Deposit Not Applicable 100 Notes HKD100,000
    Cheque Deposit


    25 Cheques Not Applicable
  4. DBS ATMs support JETCO Cardless Withdrawal service, however, DBS digibank HK does not support setting cardless withdrawal instruction.
  5. Only applicable to the DBS ATM Card with HKD Account registered as the first account
  6. Only applicable to ATMs/POS terminals in Mainland China
  7. Cheque deposit will be processed on the following clearing day after cut-off time. Please refer to the cut-off time indicated on the ATMs.
  8. ATM transactions shall be cut-off at 11:30pm from Monday to Saturday (unless otherwise indicated). Transactions processed after the cut-off time will be booked / recorded as a transaction conducted on the following bank business day.
  9. Cash withdrawal at an ATM outside Hong Kong or POS payment made at a merchant terminal outside Hong Kong will be paid in local currency. If the transaction involves currency exchange, the exchange rate will be determined by the relevant network.
  10. The dispensing limits of ATMs in different countries or regions may be different.
  11. Making POS payment with DBS ATM cards at China UnionPay's merchant terminals over the "Discover" network is currently not supported.
  12. ATM cards with China UnionPay logo may access ATMs of China UnionPay network in mainland China.
  13. For ATMs which support multiple ATM networks, the financial institution that the ATM belongs shall determine through which ATM network shall an ATM service request be performed. Fees and Charges may apply based on the ATM network used.
  14. Please refer to our Bank Charges Schedule for other ATM related charges.

You should ensure security of your ATM card, Personal Identity Number (“PIN”) and Telephone Identity Number (“TIN”). Fraudsters who have stolen / duplicated your ATM card may impersonate a bank staff to obtain your PIN and / or TIN. Please note that DBS staff will NOT ask customers for their PINs or TINs for any purpose. Please call our customer service hotline at 2290 8888 if you have any questions.

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