Advanced techniques of Stock Watch

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What kinds of charts do you have, and do you have charts for Hong Kong stocks, Hang Seng Index and Futures, etc.?

We have the following types of charts:

Historical Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts for HK stocks (enter stock code: "0001", "941", etc.); and

Historical Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts for Hang Seng Index and Futures (enter symbol "HSI" and "HFI" respectively).


Can I adjust the parameters for the different study charts?

Yes, you are free to set your own parameters for Simple Moving Average, RSI-Wilder & RSI-SMA, MACD, OBV, DMI and slow/fast Stochastics charts. When you click the yellow button featuring a hammer and screwdriver on our "Chart Analysis" page, you will be able to set the parameters yourself for the above study tools.

Can I see the name of brokers in the Bid/Ask Broker Queues?

Yes. By pointing your mouse at the broker number in the Bid/Ask Broker Queue, you will be able to see the broker names at the right hand bottom.

What information is shown under the Bid/Ask Columns (e.g. "#Announcement-P.5654/P.6616, #Suspended-P.5665")?

These are page reference numbers released by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK) indicating special news such as announcements or stock suspension. But you cannot see this information directly by typing in those page numbers.


To check the information:

  1. Visit the "News" page at DBS iBanking.

  2. Select the "SEHK" button and the specific stock code.

  3. Select to show only the SEHK news related to that stock number.

* Some news may not be displayed due to failure of those listed companies to submit such news to the Hong Kong Exchange and Clearings Limited.

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