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What types of information can be obtained in "Stock Watch" and what is the monthly charge for this service?

The service provides the following information:

  1. Streaming real-time quotes with broker queues

  2. HSI with turnover

  3. HS Future Indices with volume

  4. Historical charts with technical analysis tools

  5. Financial news and result announcements for the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong

  6. Top 10 ranking

For Treasures Priority Banking accounts, a monthly fee of HKD238 will be charged. For a DBS Wealth Account or ec-payroll account, a monthly fee of HKD288 will be charged.

Will the financial information be updated itself?

The financial information is updated automatically using data streaming, so you do not need to manually refresh the information.

Where does the market data come from?

All of our Hong Kong stock quotes are directly fed by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong while quotes for Hang Seng Index Futures come via the Hong Kong Futures Exchange Ltd.

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