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How can I access the Stock Watch service via a browser over the Internet?

Please use the most current version of Internet Explorer for all advanced features of the Stock Watch. (Downloading the Stock Watch programme takes approximately 1 minute.)

What are the minimum system requirements for running the Stock Watch programme on my PC?

Please find the hardware and software requirements here.

To run the Stock Watch programme, please ensure that your Internet Explorer is using the latest version of Sun Java VM. To check whether you have installed Sun Java VM, please click here.

Are there any settings required if a proxy server is used for Internet connection?

For an Internet connection using a proxy server, the following settings are required:


1.            Start the Stock Watch service.

2.            Wait until the window below pops up, and then press the "Options" button.

3.            Select the "Use Proxies" option.

4.            (Optional) For faster connection, uncheck the "Auto-select best connection" option by clicking on the text area circled in red, and then hitting the "A" key.

5.            Press the "OK" button.

6.            Restart the Stock Watch service

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