Transfer funds through PayFast via DBS digibank HK

Once you have activated PayFast, you can transfer funds through PayFast via DBS digibank HK.

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Please follow below steps to transfer your funds through PayFast:

  1. Tap "PayFast" in DBS digibank HK main page, then login to DBS digibank HK

  2. (Note: If you have already login DBS digibank HK, select "Transfer Funds" under main menu, then select "PayFast")

  3. Select "Mobile" or "Email Address" at the top for recipient, enter Mobile Number or Email Address, then tap "NEXT"

  4. Enter transfer amount, and Message to Recipient (if any)

  5. (Note: If you need to select Recipient’s bank account, in "Specify Recipient Bank" area, tap to change "NO" to "YES", then select Bank from the pull-down menu.)

  6. Verify transfer details and tap "CONFIRM" to complete transaction


  • Please ensure the recipient and transfer details are correct before you submit the transaction. Once you have submitted the transaction, it cannot be cancelled. If a wrong transaction has been submitted, you can download "MIS-TRANSFERRED FUND RECALL REQUEST FORM" here and return the completed form to our branches or call (852) 2290 8888 for assistance.

  • If you have received funds that are mis-transferred to you, you should immediately contact us at (852) 2290 8888 to arrange the return of funds. You may have criminal liability if you do not return the mis-transferred funds.

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