EasyPayment is a credit card payment method through DBS Card+.

What is EasyPayment?

EasyPayment is a credit card payment method. Once you enrolls for EasyPayment, and has your bank account successfully registered, you can make payments to DBS Credit Card at any time through Card+.

How to use EasyPayment at Card+?

Making payment to your DBS Credit Cards by enrolled local bank account in your name with just a tap. For detailed instruction, please click here.

How will I know my payment (EasyPayment) is successful or not?

You can check the payment result by the following means:

Via Card+

  • View processing status via Payment Log
  • Push notification of payment result
  • Payment result shows on Timeline

Via Email

Email notification of payment result sent by DBS

Are there any fees for registering for EasyPayment?

There are no fees for registering for EasyPayment by DBS Bank (HK) Ltd. However, some banks may charge a Autopay (DDA) set up fee which may be applicable when you register their bank account for EasyPayment. Please refer to the bank where your paying account is with for details on charges for setting up Autopay (DDA).

Why do I have to provide bank account information when registering for EasyPayment?

EasyPayment collects the payment via direct debit from your designated bank account, hence you need to provide bank account information when you register for EasyPayment.

How will I know whether I have successfully enrolled EasyPayment?

In general, you will receive a result notification within 7 days after registration. However, in certain scenario, subject to corresponding bank's processing time, it may take longer time for a user to receive the result notification.

What is the difference between Autopay (DDA) and EasyPayment?

For Autopay (DDA), the card payment will be debited from your bank account monthly on the payment due date automatically. Both the payment amount and the payment date cannot be varied.

For EasyPayment, we will debit the card payment amount from your bank account only upon receipt of your instructions via Card+. You need to specify the amount to pay in each payment instruction. Hence, the payment amount and the payment date can be varied month by month.

What should I do if I would like to cancel or update the payment instruction submitted via EasyPayment?

You can cancel or update any payment instruction made on a day before 5:00 p.m. on the same day if the next day is a clearing day (i.e. not a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday).

If the next day of a payment instruction date is not a clearing day, the payment instruction can be cancelled or updated before 5:00 p.m. on the day before the first clearing day after the payment instruction date. Payment instruction can be cancelled or updated by deleting the pending payment in Payment Log and making a new payment instruction.

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