What is Timeline?

Users can view credit card transactions through Timeline, adding description and photo in every transaction. If the transaction is eligible for “InstaRedeem”, the button “InstaRedeem” will be displayed in that transaction record.

I can see boxes with different colors in Timeline What do they mean?

Timeline shows credit cards transactions, including merchant name, transaction amount and transaction type. We use different colors and icons to classify the transaction type. Transaction types are for reference only and subject to bank records.

Transaction Type

  • Watches & Jewellery

  • Bill payment

  • Fashion & Beauty

  • Catering

  • Electronic Products

  • Entertainment

  • Supermarket

  • Medical insurance

  • Tourism & Traffic

  • Shopping

  • Services

  • Octopus

  • Others

What is the transaction period I can see in Timeline?

You can see the transaction record of 01 Dec 2015 or after. Transaction records will be kept for 36 months.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay !

Why didn't my spending show in Timeline?

Once the credit card system gets the authorization code, that transaction will be shown in Timeline. But for some kinds of transaction (e.g. Paywave, Octopus Auto Add Value, Gas station, Hotel deposit), there may be amount difference between the period of getting authorization code and transaction posting. For these kinds of transaction, they will be shown in Timeline after posting. Also, AMEX transaction cannot be shown real time in Timeline.  All credit card transactions are subject to posting record.

I uploaded photo to Timeline but i can't see it, why?

Photos uploaded to Timeline will be stored in that particular mobile phone only. If you login DBS Card+ via website or another mobile phone, that photo will not be displayed.

How can I find a specific transaction in Timeline?

You can click the Magnifier at the upper left corner of Card+, input the merchant name of that transaction or the description you added. You can also search by transaction type or month.

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