Activate a new secure device

After received your secure device, please log in to DBS iBanking and activate it.

You can follow the steps below to activate your secure device:

  1. Login to DBS iBanking
  2. Select “Request” in the top menu, then select “Activate Secure Device”

  3. Enter the 6-digit One Time Password sent to your mobile phone, then click “Login”

  4. Enter the 10-digit Serial Number (excluding the hyphens) which can be found at the back of your new Secure Device

  5. Follow the steps to enter the Secure PIN, then click “Submit”

  6. Activation completed.

  • What if I do not activate the Secure Device after receiving it?

    If you do not activate the Secure Device, you will not be allowed to perform certain transactions on DBS iBanking. Please click here for details.

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