General technical support and other enquiries of secure device

You may find the general technical support and other enquiries of secure device here.

How to request for a Secure Device?

If you are an existing DBS iBanking customer, you may request for a Secure Device at any of our branches in Hong Kong or through DBS iBanking (just click on "Request", then "New Secure Device").

For each new DBS iBanking customers, the Secure Device will be sent to you by post.

Can I apply for more than one Secure Device as back up or share with other customers?

Each DBS iBanking account can only register for one Secure Device. You cannot apply for more than one Secure Device as back up or share with other customers.

How do I turn on / off the Secure Device?

Press and hold "OTP " or "Sign1 "or "Login " to turn on the Secure Device. Press "Login " to turn off the Secure Device.

When do I need to use the Secure Device and / or SMS OTP?

With the implementation of the Secure Device, depends on the services you selected, you are required to use your Secure Device and / or SMS OTP to authenticate your transactions.

Please click here for more information.

Why does the Secure PIN on the display screen disappear after a while?

As a form of protection, the Secure Device will automatically power off if not in use after a short period of time.

How can I log in to and use DBS iBanking even when the Secure Device ran out of battery?

If the Secure Device is out of battery, you can still log in to DBS iBanking and use SMS OTP but you will not be allowed to perform certain transactions. You may apply a new one without handling fee through DBS iBanking.

What should I do with the old Secure Device?

Once your new Secure Device has been activated, your old Secure Device will no longer be valid for login or authorizing any transactions on DBS iBanking. You may either discard the deactivated Secure Device yourself or pass it to our branch staff for proper disposal.

How can I change the information that I input wrongly to the Secure Device?

If you have entered a wrong number into your Secure Device, press "Login" button to delete your last entry. Press and hold "Login" button to clear all your inputs.

Does the "Sign2" button indicate any special function?

There is no particular usage associated with this button at this moment.

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