COMPASS Dollar reward scheme

Spend and earn 0.4% COMPASS Dollar Rebate at any retail merchants!


You may find the COMPASS Dollar reward scheme as below:

DBS Credit Card

COMPASS Dollar Scheme


HK$250 = $1 COMPASS Dollar at any retail merchants (Details)


  • When calculating the entitlement to COMPASS Dollar, the amount of each Eligible Spending will be rounded to two decimal places.

  • From 4 Jan 2024 onwards, spending reward is only applicable to principal cardholders and the spending reward earned by the supplementary card will be deemed as spending under the principal card for calculation of entitlement to COMPASS dollar.

  • Please click here to browse COMPASS Card Reward Scheme Terms and Conditions and COMPASS Dollar Redemption Offer Terms and Conditions.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay !

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