Update new correspondence address for my bank account

You can update your correspondence address for your bank account through DBS iBanking or application form.

You can update your correspondence address through DBS iBanking or fill in the “Change of Customer’s Personal Data Instruction Form” form.

Update correspondence address through DBS iBanking
  1. Login to your DBS iBanking account

  2. Click “Preference” at the left upper corner, then select “Update Personal Details” on the pull down menu

  3. Use Secure Device or One Time Password (OTP) to enter “Update Personal Details” page

  4. Input your new correspondence address at “Correspondence Address” field, please note the below details

    • For customers of Secured Line of Credit, the correspondence addresses of their current and time deposit accounts must be the SAME.

    • For securities accounts, customers are only required to update the correspondence address of the linked current account.

    • P O Box is not allowed for the correspondence address of any investment account.

    • P O Box is not allowed for the correspondence address of any credit card or loan account.

    • In compliance with the securities dealing restrictions in the USA, the Bank will not accept any address in the USA as the correspondence address of securities accounts and investment fund accounts.

  5. Input the reason of changing address at “Reason for changing address” field

    • Only applicable to Credit Card / Cashline Revolving Loan / Personal Loan Accounts

  6. Select “Immediate effect” or “Schedule Date” for your changes, then press “Next” to proceed the update

  7. Verify details, follow the instructions to go through the identity authentication process with your secure device (Click here to show the steps)

    • You should be receiving a OTP on your registered mobile phone

    • Press and hold the “Sign 1” button on the Secure Device until you see a dash on the screen

    • Enter the 6-digits OTP sent to you via SMS on the Secure Device

    • Press the “Sign 1” button on the Secure Device again and a 6-digit Secure PIN will be generated

    • Enter the 6-digit Secure PIN

    • Click “Submit”

  8. Now you submitted the updates of personal details successfully through DBS iBanking

Update correspondence address by fill in the “Change of Customer's Personal Data Instruction Form” form
  1. You can click here to download the form

  2. Fill in all necessary information including your new correspondence address

  3. Sign and submit the form in person through branches

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