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You may check your stock balance through DBS iBanking.

Can I check my stock holdings balance via DBS iBanking?

Yes. You can check your stock holdings under "Invest " > "Trade Securities" > "Main" > "Place Order" > "Holdings".

You can also check the balance of your Securities Account under 'Account Information' > 'Account Summary', which will be updated approximately one business day after the stocks are settled on T+2* day.

* Participants in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange are required to settle with the Central Clearing and Settlement System (CCASS) all transactions concluded through AMS/3 before 3:45pm on the second Settlement Day following T-day (the transaction day). This day is known as T+2.

How can I calculate the gain / loss of my stock holdings?

To calculate the gain / loss of your holdings in a particular stock, please input the "Average Purchase Price" under "Invest" > "Trade Securities" > "Main" > "Place Order" > "Holdings" and press "Save and Calculate". The result will be displayed under the "Gain / Loss" column.

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