Redeem Phoenix Miles with DBS$

You can redeem Phoenix Miles through iGo rewards platform with your DBS$.

You can redeem Phoenix Miles with your DBS$ as below:

You may refer to the conversion rate of DBS$ to Phoenix Miles as below

DBS Credit Card


DBS Black Card

DBS$ 32 = 1,000 Mileage Points

Other Applicable Cards

DBS$ 32 = 1,000 Mileage Points


  • Processing time:

    • The PhoenixMiles redeemed will be credited to the specified PhoenixMiles membership account automatically within 4-8 working days if the order successfully processed

  • Handling Fee:

    • HK$100/ every 5,000 (or part thereof) PhoenixMiles redeemed under each redemption

    • There is no maximum charge per redemption

    • The handling fee will be charged to the Cardholder’s Card account

    • Cardholders of DBS Black World Mastercard and DBS Black American Express Card are entitled to a waiver of the handling fee

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay !

DBS Omni

(Available on the App Store or Google Play, If you haven’t registered DBS Omni , click here to see how register)


  1. Login to Omni on your phone

  2. Click the menu button at the left upper corner

  3. Click “Redeem Rewards”

  4. Choose “eSHOP” under the menu of “Redeem Rewards”

  5. Scroll the top bar in “eSHOP” page then select “Miles”

  6. Follow the steps to redeem Phoenix Miles using your DBS $

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