Redeem Cash Rebate with DBS$

You can get cash rebate with DBS$ through DBS$ cash rebate scheme or apply through DBS Card+.

If you have subscribed to the DBS$ Cash Rebate Scheme
  • Every DBS$1 earned in each monthly statement will be automatically converted to HK$1 Cash Rebate and deducted in your next monthly statement.


  • The above example is for applicable credit cards other than DBS Black Card as it has a different conversion rate for HK$ to DBS$

  • The credit transaction shall be shown in the relevant statement and the amount due for that statement will be reduced by the amount of the cash rebate accordingly.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, the amount of minimum payment for that statement shall be calculated with the reduced due amount.

If you have not subscribed to the DBS$ Cash Rebate Scheme

If you subscribed DBS$ redemption schemes, you still have a chance to get cash rebate using your DBS$ via DBS Card+

  1. Login to DBS Card+

  2. Click "Redeem Rewards"

  3. Click "eSHOP" under the pull down menu of "Redeem Rewards"

  4. Choose "Cash Rebate Redemption"

  5. Following steps and you can redeem cash rebate by deducting DBS$ required


Check DBS$ balance with DBS Digibot
Start chatting with DBS Digibot directly to check DBS$ balance
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  • The cash rebate will effective in the next statement month or you can change your DBS$ reward scheme to cash rebate scheme once each year through DBS iBanking:
    1. Login to DBS iBanking
    2. Go to the "Cards" section in the navigation pane
    3. Select "Manage DBS$ Reward Scheme"
    4. Follow the steps to change the DBS$ reward scheme for your selected credit card account
  • This service is provided free of charge.
  • Any change in any choice under the Reward Scheme is subject to approval by the Bank and will take effect from the day following the date of the statement for the Card account issued after the Bank has approved the Cardholder's application for the change.
  • Each DBS$ earned before the effective date of the change will be converted into HK$1 cash rebate and shall be credited to the Card account automatically.

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