Not received refund after goods returned

You should check with the merchant for the refund status first.

You should check with the merchant for the refund status first.


Merchant has refunded

If the merchant has completed the goods return process and refunded the amount to your credit card account, you can check the refund through DBS iBanking or DBS digibank HK.  If the refund is received after issuance of your current month’s statement, it is displayed under the “Unbilled Transactions” section and will be shown in the next statement.

For avoidance of doubt, you still need to pay for the transaction despite a refund is received because the transaction and the refund appear in different statement cycles, and there is no automatic set-off of the transaction amount against the refunded amount.  The refunded amount will be used to off-set the statement balance of the month in which it is posted.


Merchant has not refunded for a long period of time

If the merchant has completed the goods return process but has not refunded the amount to you within the timeframe agreed with you; or you cannot contact the merchant because the merchant has ceased business; or you have contacted the merchant but no reply has been received from the merchant, you can initiate a chargeback request through us.  The chargeback amount is limited to the portion of the purchased goods that have been returned.

Except the chargeback time limit and supporting documents as described below, the same chargeback process flow as described under “Not received the purchased / subscribed goods or services” will apply.


Chargeback time limit

15 calendar days after the date of the credit note, or the date you returned the goods or refused or cancelled the services, whichever is earlier but in no event later than 120 calendar days from the transaction post date.

Important Note: The above time limit applies to Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Supporting documents

Including but not limited to:

  • Credit note 

  • Proof of cancellation of the order of the purchased goods or services, with details including the cancellation date and cancellation reference number 

  • Proof of return of the purchased goods with details including date of return, method of return, and return address


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