Debited for recurrent payment after cancellation / termination of service

You should contact the merchant to cancel the recurrent transaction.

You should contact the merchant to cancel the recurrent transaction.

The direct debit authorization which you have signed and provided to the merchant for the recurrent payment of the subscribed service to the debit of your card account is an arrangement between you and the merchant (not between you and us, as the Card Issuing Bank).  Your request for cancellation of the direct debit authorization should therefore be directed to the merchant.

You should give the merchant a written instruction to cancel the direct debit authorization if you have not done so.

If you have done so and the merchant continued to charge the service charges to the debit of your card account, you can initiate a chargeback request for reimbursement of such charge.  The chargeback amount is limited to the amount related to subscribed services unused after the effective date of cancellation.

We can also assist you to raise the case with the Card Acquiring Bank, requesting them to contact the merchant to stop the recurrent charge.

Except the chargeback time limit and supporting documents as described below, the same chargeback process flow as described under “Not received the purchased / subscribed goods or services” will apply.

Chargeback time limit

120 calendar days from the transaction post date 

Important Note: The above time limit applies to Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Supporting documents

Including but not limited to:

  • Service contract to prove that the service period has ended  

  • Documents to prove that you have cancelled the subscribed service with details including the effective date of cancellation of service.


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