Add credit cards to Mobile Wallets

Follow below instructions to add DBS Credit Cards to your Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay

Add your Credit Card to:

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Add your DBS Credit Cards to Apple Pay / Google Pay in simple steps:

  1. Download and login to DBS Card+

  2. Go to "Cards" page and select your credit card, then tap "Add to Apple Wallet" or "Add to Google Pay"

  3. Enter the 6-digit SMS One Time Password

  4. Follow the steps to add your card to Apple Pay / Google Pay

Remarks: If you have tried to add a credit card but have not yet completed the setup on your mobile wallet, you must remove that credit card in order to re-add the card to mobile wallet through DBS Card+.

Samsung Pay

Add your DBS Credit Cards to Samsung Pay in simple steps:

  1. Open Samsung Pay app and tap "Add"

  2. Snap a picture of your card or enter your card information manually

  3. Please read through DBS Bank Credit Card Terms and Conditions

  4. Call our 24-hour customer services hotline at 2290 8009 to add your DBS Credit Cards to Samsung Pay

When you are adding your Credit Cards to mobile wallets,

Why can't you add DBS Credit Cards inside mobile wallet application directly?

With an increasing number of phishing scams related to credit card binding to mobile wallets, we have strengthened the security controls over the binding of credit cards for contactless mobile payment in response to the recent requirements of regulatory bodies. From 31 May 2023 onwards, customers will not be able to add card via mobile devices directly. To provide you a more secure way of card usage, you can add your credit cards to mobile wallets via DBS Card+. Customers already added their cards to mobile wallets will not be affected.

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