Change my paper statement to e-statement

You can change your paper statement to e-statement through DBS iBanking.

You can change your paper statement to e-statement through DBS iBanking directly

  1. Login your DBS iBanking account

  2. Click “My Accounts” on the left hand side from top menu bar

  3. Choose “eStatement” from the pull down menu

  4. Use Secure Device or One Time Password (OTP) to proceed the service request

  5. Click "Manage eStatement / eAdvice" on the right hand side menu

  6. Select bank account or credit cards that you would like to change from hardcopy to e-copy, and you can select the mode of alert delivery

  7. Accept T&C and click “Next”

  8. Click “Submit” to enroll e-statement service


  • Credit Card customers who receive at least one paper statement from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018 will be charged a Paper Statement Fee of HK$50 per annum starting from 2019 onwards. The fee will be directly debited from the credit card account on the first statement date of 2019. Thereafter, if credit card customers receive at least one paper statement within any calendar year (January to December every year), a fee of HK$50 will continue to be applied each year.

  • To avoid the Paper Statement Fee, cardholders can subscribe and remain subscribed to eStatement Service (i.e. stop receiving paper statement, also applicable to customers who have already received any paper statement in 2017). No fee will be billed.

  • If you have enrolled for eStatement, you will receive both paper statement and eStatement in the first month. From the second month on, you will only receive eStatement. 

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