Distinctive Privileges for your Prestigious Status

Your DBS Treasures status brings you many exclusive privileges and benefits.

We are proud to present to you a privileges collection — ranging from preeminent pampering to bespoke benefits, they have been meticulously assembled to furnish you with the peerless prestige and recognition commensurate with your lifestyle caliber.



DBS Lifestyle Privilege

Gain access to the DBS Wealth Concierge and a world of premium services, privileges and experiences, tailored to every aspect of your lifestyle in mind.

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Monthly e-Newsletter

Access to a range of exclusive and interesting articles, online workshops and privileges tailored for you every month.

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 Spreading Mid-Autumn Cheers and Joys

Spreading Mid-Autumn Cheers and Joys

Mid-Autumn is nearly with us. This season of harvest and change is the perfect time to celebrate this year’s work and achievements. We are delighted to bring you a series of Cocktail Making Workshops to guide you through the preparation of moonlight-inspired cocktails* that will surprise your friends and family, together with other special privileges for you to enjoy during this festival.

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Birthday Delights

Present the birthday treats to you on your special day to celebrate with your loved ones.

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DBS Eminent Card

Enjoy unrivaled rewards with the DBS Eminent Card - the first Visa Signature card from DBS Hong Kong.

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Time for a Rejuvenating Summer Retreat

Summer is coming with sunshine and soothing temperatures, giving us subtle hints on getting back in shape! For this purpose, we are bringing to you a series of exclusive Yoga workshops by Bodywize®, as well as additional privileges to help rejuvenate your body and soul this season.

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Banking Privileges and Asian Connectivity

Enjoy exclusive banking privileges and our regional privileges by presenting your identifier card.

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Preferential Interest Rate Privileges

  • Preferential Time deposit interest rates
  • Preferential tiered Hong Kong Dollar savings interest rates
  • Preferential interest rates for Renminbi and other foreign currency savings accounts within the Bank
  • Privileged rates on charges of a wide range of investment products, including securities trading and bonds



Risk Disclosure Statement:

The above information is not and shall not be considered as investment advice. It does not constitute any offer or solicitation of offer to subscribe, transact or redeem any investment product. Investment involves risk. You should carefully read the relevant offering documentation and our “Investment Products Consolidated Terms and Conditions” for detailed product information and risk factors prior to making any investment. If you have any doubt on this material or any offering documentation, you should seek independent professional advice.

  1. RMB currently may not be freely convertible and is subject to exchange controls and restrictions.
  2. There is no guarantee that RMB will not depreciate. If you convert Hong Kong Dollar or any other currency into RMB so as to invest in a RMB product and subsequently convert the RMB sale proceeds back into Hong Kong Dollar or any other currency, you may suffer a loss if RMB depreciates against Hong Kong Dollar or other currency.
  3. The above offers and privileges are subject to terms and conditions. Please refer to the above relevant offers and privileges for details.