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A thing that will never go out of style in Fashion World

Fashion style aside, there are these trending topics in the whole industry that no one could afford to miss out

Atheleisure is now on trend, which features all the comfort and functionalities from quick dry, anti-bacterial to warmth-keeping and water-proof.  Is your product standard catching up with the global standard?

e-shopping is now on trend, especially with savvy parents who care about safety for their loved ones more than anything including price.  Is your product complying with international safety standards thus giving added confidence to them?

Last but not least, the sustainability trend.  Various consumer surveys have shown that millennial consumers really take environment and quality seriously.  Is your product going to be favored by them?

Apparently, you might be doing a great job in checking all the above boxes, but here is a catch “how would you make your quality product known to your potential customers and set it apart from others in this competitive market where consumer are always spoilt for choices?”

If one was particular about the ingredients, chemical content or manufacturing information on the packaging of a specific product, he would never be far from any experience of seeing a SGS logo therein.  Indeed SGS, headquartered in Switzerland, is globally recognized for quality and integrity, with over 140 years of experience.  Now SGS is rolling out their “Independently Checked Mark (ICM)”, first of its kind in Hong Kong that anyone could scan for the pertaining testing information through a QR code on a specific product.  Everyone could see the goodness verified in a product.

SGS’ Independently Checked Mark (ICM)

For decades, SGS has been helping brands and manufacturers assure regulatory compliance though product testing and inspection, thanks to its longstanding reputation and global expertise.  It has become a veritable benchmark in product quality, giving peace of mind to brand owners and consumers alike.

In light of rising concern with product quality in the community, SGS has pushed ahead its Independently Checked Mark, Hong Kong’s first-ever ready-to-scan, product-based tailored program which empowers retailers and brand owners and gives them a chance to demonstrate their products’ prowess in quality, performance, durability, functionality, usability and/or workmanship, all of which will be tested vigorously and assessed individually by SGS’ experts.  The display of ICM itself is a mark of confidence in product quality.

Christy Chan, Director of Consumer and Retail, SGS Hong Kong sees ICM as an endorsement from SGS regarding the product quality and functionality.  With ICM, any consumer could now have easy and direct access to the testing information and results, using their smartphones.

“Test reports of any kind do appear to be a bit of a challenge for general consumers to understand and even a test report does not necessarily give a clear picture of the overall performance and functionality.  Our ICM aims at increasing the transparency, giving consumers more ideas on what their products of interest are like in terms of quality, pulling them closer to the product and making them more comfortable and confident with the purchase”

“nowadays our consumers are very informed and discerning.  They always look for good value and quality.  Our ICM is driven by their desire and perspective”

How fashion start-ups and e-businesses could benefit from ICM?

 “It is everyone’s business when it comes to product quality, no matter who you  are and how big or small you are”

What makes online shops unique is that they are omnipresent in a completely open and transparent online world and their consumers find it effortless to do research and gather more information on the product.  If shop owners could act also information providers, it is surely a win-win between them and the shoppers.

The display of ICM, offered by SGS, the world’s leading testing and inspection company is a vote of confidence and put the product in pole position. Business owners can display ICM enabling consumers to easily check out test information and results right on the spot with a quick scan of the QR code embedded within the mark.  The ICM says it all!  It is an effective marketing tool that really make any product stand out.

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Published Date: 1 Feb 2019

Content provided by SGS

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