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DBS BusinessClass Online SME Academy


Online SME Academy

It is now possible to learn from industry’s practitioners – anytime, anywhere! Actionable insights by subject matter experts are now packed into bite-sized online classes. From accounting, to balancing social impact and profit, to crisis comms management, we bring you the ABCs on how to run and grow your business.

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  • myrna-poon-300x144

    Branding for SMEs

    Myrna Poon COO
    DBS Bank

    What are some myths about branding? Why is it important to find the right personality to represent your brand? Learn how to approach branding with these industry tips.

  • jean-khong300x144

    Public Relations 101

    Jean Khong
    DBS Bank

    PR is a strategic communications tool and can be more powerful than advertising when executed well. Understand what PR really is and get tips on how you can get started.

  • bidyut-durma

    Introducing Innovation into your Business Model

    Bidyut Durma
    DBS Bank

    Executive Director, Head of Innovations, DBS BankUnderstand how to create a proposition that is unique to your company – find your business’ edge with this model.

  • Toh Su Mei

    Grow your business with the right loans

    Toh Su Mei
    DBS Bank

    How can you leverage on loans to grow the business? What is the difference in the various loans available? Find out more about these plus best practices you can apply.

  • Navinder Duggal

    Trade Financing for SMEs

    Navinder Duggal
    DBS Bank

    Understand the basics of trade finance, and what to look out for when bringing your business overseas. Included in this lesson are also some best practices for SMEs!

  • renee

    The value and impact of a strategic HR function

    Renee Lim
    DBS Bank

    Learn how to build an effective HR function strategy and make it your competitive advantage

  • krishna

    Tips on SME video marketing

    Krishna Kota
    DBS Bank

    How to effectively promote your brand with videos? SME can do video marketing too

  • healthcare

    Health Tech Transformation Amidst COVID-19

    In the post-epidemic era, healthcare industry must stay on top of the latest trends and developments. Introducing two local startups about projects at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19– Belun Technology Company Limited & ImmunoDiagnostics Limited. DBS will also be providing advice and information on financing and banking solutions for companies in the healthcare industry