A Digital Art Exhibition Led by SMEs
Discover the untold stories of
their digital transformation

A Digital Art Exhibition Led by SMEs
Discover the untold stories of
their digital transformation


SME Digital Transformation - We are Back!



With the pandemic striking for the past few years, we have all learnt a remarkable lesson that SMEs equipped with digitalized businesses have demonstrated greater resilience and agility in the unprecedented time, enabling them to capture new opportunities faster for a fresh start.


DBS BusinessClass will host a digital art exhibition named “REBORN EXHIBITON: We're back - Digital Transformation of SMEs” at Preface Coffee & Wine in Causeway, together with 6 local SMEs from different industries that are in the midst of digital transformation. Through the art form of hologram, the SMEs’ very own stories will be illustrated in an unconventional manner, depicting each of their vision in digital transformation and the struggles they have been facing.

Sign up for the exhibition and the admission is free. Visitors of the exhibition can vote for their favorite SME. The SME with the highest number of votes will be rewarded with a grand prize sponsored by DBS that is worth up to HK$380,000.

Mil Mill - A self-supplied carton packages recycler
Mil Mill is the first and only paper drink box recycling plant in Hong Kong. Currently, it processes about 30 tons of paper drink boxes and various kinds of waste paper every day, which are made into various kinds of recycled paper products and sold at low prices. Since 2020, it has cooperated with The Mills to recycle its waste paper into market toilet paper rolls, making it the first self-sufficient and reuse waste paper circular economy system in Hong Kong.

The sharp drop in recycling volume resulting from the on-going pandemic was not the only problem that Mil Mill faced – being discontinued on the lease of the original factory site was definitely another critical hit to their recycling business. Originated in Hong Kong. Mil Mill is determined to search for other solutions in Hong Kong, which can take into account both online and offline businesses.
Mei Yi Lin Food Store - A small shop preserving the heart of local neighborhood for over three decades
The family-run small shop Mei Yi Lin Foodstore was founded by Wing-Cheung Choi in the 1980s, originally selling seafood and miscellaneous goods at the Tai Wo Hau Market. Twenty years ago, the shop moved to its current location at the Smartland Shopping Centre, where it has been quietly serving the community under the supervision of his daughter, Chi-Tong Choi, and his granddaughter, Monique, while building deep relationships with the neighborhood for over 30 years.

After running the business for decades, Monique is looking for a breakthrough for Mei Yu Lin Food Store, while perpetuating the vintage side of Hong Kong feelings in another approach.
Beginneros - An online learning platform that adheres to the concept of knowledge equality
Driven by his belief that everyone should have opportunities to learn, the founder Leo and a few university friends founded Beginneros in 2016. Since 2017, The platform regularly releases free instructional videos and fun trivia on its website and social media channels, with the goal of minimizing the threshold for knowledge accessibility and promoting "knowledge sharing" and enabling anyone to learn freely, regardless of their financial or geographic restrictions.

Leo and his team have been regularly publishing learning content to the public at no cost. When the advertising revenue – also their major revenue source, was hit by the economic downturn, a courageous decision on business transformation in order to create impact for great audience.
ForCheer - Being sustainable is more than a slogan to this wedding décor business
In addition to happy memories, every wedding leaves behind a significant amount of unnecessary printed waste. Therefore, Emad and Louis founded ForCheer in 2013, using fabric and reusable wooden boards to create wedding decorations instead of traditional foam boards and banners which are all disposable. After the wedding, they recycle the decorative materials, making use of fabric by sewing it into tote bags and pillow cases, producing clocks and tea tables by wooden Logo sign, creating beautiful memories for the couple.

As their business has made it through the pandemic, the founder couple Emad and Louis hope to improve customer experience through digital technology and further promote the brand's idea on waste and carbon reduction.
PharmCare - SaaS offering targeted solutions for both community pharmacies and the patients
PharmCare was founded in 2019 with the goal of developing a unified, simplified and visual drug label system to replace the current unfriendly drug labels for the elderly and minority groups, and guide them in taking the correct medication; at the same time, they developed the PharmCare retail system to help community pharmacies easily use the simple drug labels and manage medical records.

The team started with the mission to establish a unified set of drug labeling benchmarks at its founding stage. Through the application of digital technology nowadays, their plan has already gone beyond the initial mission and to provide more comprehensive services popularized to more beneficiaries.
Breakup Tour - A travel agency dedicated to "heal" the lovelorn
Breakup Tours was originally an experiential advertising campaign created by advertising professional Stephen Chung in 2018. In 2019, the company successfully raised $1.5 million in funding to establish "Heartbreak Travel Limited," a company that sells global travel experiences through a mobile app to connect people who have just gone through a breakup and help them move on.

Breakup Tour was forced to suspend its business under a complete pandemic-shutdown of the tourism industry. The founder Stephen has landed his eyes on the massive user data on hand from Breakup Tour, and to open up new markets.
DBS BusinessClass: Seminar with industry experts

Complementary seminar sessions by groups of industry experts will be hosted at the exhibition to deliver latest market trends and insights for SMEs. Whether you are trying to digitalize your businesses, or enter new markets and explore business opportunities, DBS BusinessClass is always here to help you ace.


2023 Hong Kong E-commerce Logistics
Trends Masterclass (Fully booked)

Border Fully Reopens –  A Winners’ Guide to Penetrate the GBA Market (Fully booked)

16 Mar 2023
18:30 - 20:30
Cantonese Session

17 Mar 2023
16:30 - 18:30
Cantonese Session

The world of e-commerce is rapidly changing. SMEs would have to constantly refresh themselves with the most up-to-date market trends in order to keep up and retaining their customers.

DBS BusinessClass has invited an exclusive group of e-commerce experts with substantial background to this sharing session and to help you master the latest online shopping model, digitalized logistics services and other must-learn e-commerce strategies!

(The session is full at the moment. Please stay tuned for our updates.)

With a population of more than 70 million, the productivity and consumption power of the Greater Bay Area is extensive. How should SMEs take the first step?

Opportunities are lying in every corner of the Greater Bay Area for SMEs – but so is the intensive competition from local businesses and other new newcomers. Want to step up by adopting digital technology for your business? Register for this session now and learn from a group of Hong Kong entrepreneurs with practical experience in the Greater Bay Area!

(The session is full at the moment. Please stay tuned for our updates.)



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