DBS has voluntarily adopted Code of Practice on Person-to-Person Marketing Calls

In an effort to better serve our customers, DBS has adopted the Code of Practice (CoP) on Person-to-Person Marketing Calls. CoP is issued jointly by The Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB) and The Hong Kong Association of Restricted Licence Banks and Deposit-taking Companies (The DTC Association) and endorsed by the Office of the Telecommunications Authority. Please click here for details

Customer Acceptance Policies for Account Opening Service

We are pleased to provide the following list to help you understand our customer acceptance procedures for account opening . Our customer acceptance procedures are required to meet the anti money laundering regulatory standards in Hong Kong and Singapore . This list ensures that we meet those standards, and helps us process your account opening application quickly and with the minimum effort.

Individuals (including signatories authorized by Power of Attorney)

You will be asked to provide the following documentation/ information:

-    A passport and/or ID card (showing name, nationality and date of birth).
-    Proof of residential or permanent address (can be a utility bill / rates demand, etc.).
-    Current employment.
-    Use to which the account is to be put / the expected banking products or services you will be using.
-    Your source of wealth and / or the source of funds to be deposited into your account.
-    Where accounts are opened in-trust-for another person, the above mentioned documents/information relating to the beneficial owner of the account.
The above list may not be comprehensive, so there may be circumstances in which we ask you for documents or information not contained in the list. If you have any questions about the list, or about our customer acceptance procedures, please visit any of our branches for enquiries.

All customers should note that from time-to-time, throughout the life of the account DBS Bank will request further information from you in order that our records are up-to-date and relevant. We may also need to ask questions in respect of specific transactions should there be any unusual activity in your account. Among other things this is to protect you from fraud.