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You may find the general enquiries of eIPO here.

How can I subscribe IPO listed in the Hong Kong market through DBS iBanking?

In order to subscribe IPO listed in Hong Kong market through DBS iBanking with your Wealth Management Securities Account, you must:

  • hold a single named Wealth Management Accounts or Securities Account;
  • have registered DBS iBanking service; and
  • be a HKID Card holder

How can I check the latest IPO available for subscription?

You can refer to here for the latest IPO available for subscription.

Do you provide IPO margin financing service?

Sorry, we do not currently offer any IPO margin financing service.

What are the fees involved when applying for an IPO?

A HK$50 handling fee will be charged for each subscription via DBS iBanking, and a HK$100 handling fee will be charged for each subscription via any other channel. If you are allotted with new shares, fees such as brokerage fee, SFC transaction levy and Stock Exchange trading fee will still be charged. Please refer to the HKEX website or our latest Bank Fee Schedule for details.

Is there any maximum payment limit applicable? What is the cut-off time for eIPO subscription through online trading?

There is no payment limit as long as you have deposited enough money for the application in your settlement account. However, you should ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account to cover the full subscription cost no later than 12:00 noon on the working day prior to the closing date of the public offer period. Otherwise, your eIPO application will be cancelled accordingly.

Is online IPO application available 24 hours a day?

Yes. It is available 24 hours a day and you can submit your application online for the particular IPO anytime within the specified offering period.

Are there any IPO promotion offers?

Yes, you can enjoy a handling fee waiver for all your IPO subscriptions during our promotion period (1 April 2021 – 30 June 2021). Customer is required to pay the handling fee in full at the time of subscription and the handling fee will be reimbursed to the customer's account at a designated fulfillment date.

Terms and conditions apply. Investment involves Risk. You may visit here for more IPO offer details.

Under what circumstances will my application for eIPO not be processed?

You must maintain sufficient funds in your settlement account when you submit your application, otherwise your application will not be processed. If there are insufficient funds in your settlement account, an SMS message or an email will be sent to you.

Why does the system show an error message when I apply for IPO on DBS iBanking?

You may not be able to subscribe for IPO online due to certain reasons (e.g. joint account, non HKID holder etc.). If so, you can subscribe for IPO stocks via our Customer Services Hotline 2290 8888 or any of our branches.

How do I know if whether my application has been accepted?

You can check your settlement account on the IPO closing date. The application money will only be debited if the application has been successfully accepted.

Can I amend or cancel my application?

No. Once you have submitted the eIPO application, we will start processing it and you cannot amend or cancel your application.

How can I check the allotment result?

You may check the allotment result via the link below:

Will I be notified of the IPO allotment result?

Sorry, we do not currently provide notification service for IPO allotment result. However, you can check the allotment result via the link below:

In addition, you can also check your IPO subscription and allotment details, whether your application is successful, partially successful or unsuccessful, via eAdvice on DBS iBanking.

How will I be refunded should my application be partially successful or wholly unsuccessful?

For partially successful and wholly unsuccessful applications, the application money (or part thereof) will be credited back directly to your chosen settlement account within the days specified in the respective Prospectus/Offering Memorandum.

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