How to set up DBS Credit Card Autopay with your DBS account

Please note : The processing time is about 4 - 8 weeks. Please continue to settle your credit card payment by other means until you have received a statement with “AUTOMATIC PAYMENT” printed on it.

  1. Login to DBS iBanking, and select “Set up Credit Card Autopay Instruction” under “Cards” from the menu tab

  2. Select a “Credit Card Account Number” and a “Debit Account”

  3. Select one of the below “Payment Option”, agree to the “Terms & Conditions”, then click “Next”
      • Full Payment
      • Minimum Payment
      • % of statement balance (must input an integer between 5 and 99)

  4. Verify details, agree to the “Terms & Conditions” and click “Submit”

  5. Instruction submitted

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay !

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