Flexible credit card payment

You can choose to settle minimum payment of your credit card statement with financial charges on daily interest basis.



Minimum Payment

  • If the total outstanding balance is HK$300 or above, the minimum payment will be the sum of the followings:

    1. All charges, fees, costs, expenses, interests and/or finance charges posted to the current statement of card account;

    2. Any amount in excess of the credit limit incurred after last statement date; and

    3. 1% of the statement balance excluding all charges, fees, costs, expenses, interests and/or finance charges posted to the card account

    Or HK$300, whichever is higher plus any outstanding minimum payment.

  • If the total outstanding balance is less than HK$300, the minimum payment will be the total outstanding balance.

Late Fee

HK$350 or the minimum payment, whichever is lower, per statement cycle.

Finance Charge

  • The standard annual rate applicable to you is shown on the card mailer, monthly statement or other notices issued by the bank to you from time to time

  • Minimum charge: HK$10

  • Finance charge will be calculated at the applicable rate on a 365-day yearly basis

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay !

Make partial or minimum payment for your credit card

If the statement balance of a statement is not paid in full on the payment due date, then you will subject to below charges:

  1. The outstanding statement balance will be subject to a finance charge calculated and accrued on a daily basis from the day after the date of the statement; and

  2. Every new transaction posted to the card account after the date of that statement will also be subject to the financial charge accruing from the date such transaction is posted to your card account

Fail to make minimum payment

If you fail to pay the minimum payment on the payment due date as specified in any monthly statement, then:

  1. Your card account will be regarded as in a delinquent status,

  2. A late fee and a finance charge (adjusted by a delinquency adjustment rate, if applicable) will be charged at the rate shown in the Fee Schedule or any other notice; and

  3. We may suspend your use of the card and/or card account

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