New Credit Card with Visa payWave Function

Starting from 1 October 2018, DBS Visa Card and supplementary card (if any) with Visa payWave function will be sent to our credit card customers upon card renewal or replacement.

Starting from 1 October 2018, we will send a DBS Visa Card and supplementary card (if any) with Visa payWave function to credit card customers upon card renewal or replacement.

For details of Credit Card with Visa payWave Function, please refer to below FAQ:

1. Where can I use my card with Visa payWave?

You can use Visa payWave at any merchant displaying the Visa payWave symbol on the terminal readers. It’s widely available at most of the supermarkets, convenient stores, fast food restaurants and cinemas.

2. Are there any extra fees for using Visa payWave?

There is no additional fee for using Visa payWave function for payment.

3. Is my transaction information safe when paying with Visa payWave?

Yes. Visa payWave transactions are just as secure as magnetic stripe transactions and are processed through the same reliable payment network. And, because you remain in control of your card during Visa payWave transactions, the risk of fraud is reduced.

4. Can my card with Visa payWave be accidentally read by the secure reader if it’s in my purse or pocket?

To authorize a payment, you must wave your card directly within 1 to 2 inches of a secure reader that accepts Visa payWave payments. It shall be correctly oriented for the transaction to go through too. Only readers at authorized merchants can process the information on the Visa cards with Visa payWave.

5. How am I protected if my card with Visa payWave is lost or stolen?

The Visa payWave feature provides cardholders the same protections as other Visa cards without Contactless Feature. You'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from multiple layers of Visa security, which protects you from fraudulent use of your card or account information.

6. Is this a chip card?

Visa payWave is a form of chip card technology. Like chip cards, it uses an advanced computer chip embedded in the card's plastic to perform secure transactions.

7. What shall I do if I can’t complete my payWave transaction?

First, make sure that the merchant accepts payWave - you should see the payWave symbol on the payment terminal. If the merchant accepts payWave and the transaction still fails, Visa card users can swipe to pay, since the card has magnetic stripe functionality in addition to payWave.

8. Will my credit card no. be changed or I need to reset the transaction instructions of Direct Debit Authorization with the new payWave Card?

Same credit card no. will be used for the new payWave card and all the Direct Debit authorizated transactions will be carried to the new payWave card automatically.

9. Is there any change on my liability to the unauthorized use of my new payWave card?

No. Same liability will be applied on the payWave card as per your current card.

10. What is the liability if my card with Contactless Feature is lost or stolen?

In general, as long as you have no fraudulent or gross negligence, if the transaction is made without your authorization, the Bank will execute the relevant procedures in accordance with the Security Procedures section of the Customer Terms. It is only responsible for the amount of credit card used before the Bank receives the lost or stolen credit card notice.

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