Earn DBS$ with eligible spending

You can earn DBS$ with local and overseas retail spending.

Eligible spending of DBS$

"Eligible Spending" includes all posted retail transactions and specified fund purchases. For a purchase under Card Interest-free Instalment Loan, a Cardholder earns DBS$ as and when the instalment is posted to the Card account. For the avoidance of doubt, the following types of transaction shall not fall under the scope of Eligible Spending:

  1. Cash advances and relevant handling/ administration fees

  2. Casino chips

  3. Foreign exchange

  4. Finance charges

  5. Reversed transactions

  6. Late charges

  7. Credit card annual fee

  8. Call-a-loan

  9. Balance Transfer

  10. Funds Transfer

  11. Flexi Shopping

  12. Transactions in Hong Kong Dollars at the point of sales (in case of online transactions, the place of registration and/or settlement of the merchant) outside Hong Kong

  13. Insurance payment (not applicable for Manulife Credit Card)

  14. Tax payment

  15. Bill payment transactions (made through DBS iBanking, JET Payment Service, the "Pay & Transfer" function of the mobile application or any other means as specified by the Bank from time to time)

  16. Fund transfer transactions (made through the "Pay & Transfer" function of the mobile application or any other means as specified by the Bank from time to time)

  17. Transactions that have been subject to cancellation

  18. Charge-back

  19. Return of goods and/or refund or any other types of transactions specified by the Bank from time to time

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  • Depending on the month in which the Card was approved by the Bank ("Card Approval Month"), DBS$ accumulated by a Cardholder will be valid until the end of the Card Approval Month each year, except that there shall be no expiry date applicable to DBS$ earned under DBS Eminent Card, DBS Platinum Credit Card, DBS Gold Card, DBS Classic Card or DBS Black Card. DBS$ shall not be redeemable after the relevant expiry date (if applicable).

  • You cannot combine DBS$ or DBS$ Cash Rebate accumulated in different credit card accounts. And also you cannot transfer those DBS$ or DBS$ Cash Rebate to third party account.

  • DBS$ is only applicable for principal cardholders. However, if you have a supplementary card under your card account, Eligible Spending under that supplementary card will be deemed Eligible Spending under your principal card account for calculation of entitlement to DBS$.

  • Reward cap for E-Wallet Spending:

    • For Eligible Spending related to (a) adding value to Octopus card by means of Octopus AAVS (including the application fee and handling fee in respect of the AAVS) or any other means specified by the Bank from time to time; (b) reloading of electronic wallets (including but not limited to PayMe, WeChat Pay and Alipay); and (c) spending conducted via electronic wallets including but not limited to PayMe, WeChat Pay and Alipay (except at merchants designed by the Bank from time to time) but other than Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, cardholder shall only earn DBS$ for the first HK$5,000 E-Wallet Spending in calendar month. No DBS$ shall be earned for any E-Wallet Spending exceeding HK$5,000 in a calendar month.

  • Please click here to browse DBS$ Reward Scheme Terms and Conditions and DBS$ Redemption Offer Terms and Conditions.


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