General enquiries of Cashline Revolving Loan

You may find the general enquiries of Cashline Revolving Loan.

What is the difference between Cashline Revolving Loan and other Installment Loan?

There is a credit limit for the Cashline account upon approval, interest will be incurred only if you have withdraw from the account. The credit limit will be restored automatically upon repayment and you can redraw your paid amount whenever necessary. In addition, there will also be cheque book and Cashline Card provided to you without any cost which is convenient for your withdrawal. You can also apply an installment loan within your Cashline limit.

How much is the Interest Rate of Revolving Loan?

Interest rate is as low as Prime Rate P-2.5% during the Intro Rate period. The existing Prime rate is 5.25% and the Intro Rate period can be as long as 4 months. After Intro rate period, the interest rate will be adjusted to P + 0.75% or higher and it is subject to final approval.

How much of Loan amount can be approved for the Revolving Loan?

Minimum loan amount is HK$10,000 or above, and Maximum loan amount is up to HK$800,000 or 8 times of monthly salary (whichever is lower).

How long is the repayment period for Cashline Instalment Loan?

Flexible repayment period is up to 60 months. You can choose repayment period from 6、12、18、24、30、36、42、48、54 or 60 months.

Does any handling fee apply on withdrawal?

There is no withdrawal handling fee charged.

Does any annual fee apply on the Revolving Loan?

We will have 1st year annual fee waiver. From 2nd year and onwards, annual fee will be 1.5% of the credit limit of Cashline account. (The minimum charge is HK$200)

What are the requirements for applying Cashline Revolving Loan?

The applicant must be a Hong Kong resident aged 18 or above with a minimum annual income of HK$80,000.

Will there be any statement for the Cashline Revolving Loan?

There will be statement sent to customer on monthly basis, please make payment for the minimum repayment amount (i.e. 2.5% of the Credit Limit or HK$100 whichever is higher) on or before the Statement due date. In case of any late repayment, late fee will be charged and the interest rate will automatically be switched to the Delinquent Interest Rate (i.e. the Normal Interest Rate plus 5% per annum) on the day after the date of next statement. The Delinquent Interest Rate will continue to apply until the full amount or at least the Minimum Payment is paid on or before the Payment Due Date for 2 consecutive monthly statements.

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