What other services does DBS Treasures provide?

DBS Treasures offers different services including Account Services, Credit Card Services, Investment Services etc

DBS Treasures provides:

  • Account Services

  • Credit Card Services

  • Investment Services

  • Loan and Mortgage Services

  • Insurance Services

For details, please contact your dedicated DBS Treasures Relationship Manager or visit our website at www.dbs.com.hk

Account Services

DBS Treasures provides HKD Savings & Current Accounts, Renminbi Services, Multi-Currency Savings Account, Time Deposit and DBS Treasures Octopus ATM Card.

Loan and Mortgage Services

DBS Treasures Loan and Mortgage Services include:

  • Personal Loans: Debt Consolidation Loan, Personal Instalment Loan and Cashline Revolving Loan

  • Home Loans: Mortgage Plan and Mortgage Insurance Programme

  • Secured Line of Credit

Securities trading services

By opening a securities trading account, customers can trade securities via multiple channels, including internet banking, mobile banking, automated phone banking, manned training hotline as well as branch relationship managers. If you want to trade SG, US, CA, JP, AU & UK stocks, please upgrade to Wealth Management Account for trading online.

Investment products

Equity Linked Products, Fixed Income, Currency Linked Investment, Structured Investments, Funds. You will have an assigned DBS Treasures Relationship Manager to take care of your general banking needs and wealth management needs.

What is the difference between standing instruction and direct debit authorization?

A standing instruction is to transfer a fixed amount to another bank account regularly while direct debit authorization is to authorize someone to collect payments from your account when they are due, e.g. bill payments / regular payments.

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