RMB Products and Services

Unlock the tremendous potential of RMB

RMB Products and Services

Unlock the tremendous potential of RMB

At a Glance

With its strong economic outlook and recent economic policy reforms, China has become one of the most favoured destinations for long-term investments. The internationalisation of RMB will continue to accelerate and generate more growth opportunities and investment choices. Broaden your network and seize the RMB opportunities that await you now.

Our Full Suite of RMB Products and Services

RMB Corporate Account

  • Manage remittances and FX transactions while trading efficiently in RMB
  • Accelerate cross-border payments and collections with an RMB account

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RMB Remittance

  • Extended cut-off time (4:00pm) for cross-border and local remittances in RMB
  • SWIFT gpi fund tracking service for inward and outward remittances

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RMB Foreign Exchange

  • Instant FX
    Exchange RMB instantly 24/7 via Instant FX Conversion on our IDEAL online banking platform
  • Price Alerts
    Set price alerts to maximise opportunities on currency movements and mitigate your FX risk
  • Auto-wallet Enablement
    Automatically activate your RMB account within your multi-currency savings account along with funds crediting
  • Pre-booked FX Contracts
    Book your preferred FX rates up to 1 year in advance via DBS FX Online, prior to payment instructions within operating hours

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Trading in RMB

  • Strengthen ties with your Chinese business partners by settling cross-border transactions quickly
  • Broaden your network of suppliers and buyers in China by using their preferred currency (RMB)
  • Mitigate exposure to FX risks via the natural hedge provided by RMB inflows and outflows
  • Enhance price transparency and negotiations without the need for FX costs

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RMB Securities

  • QFII - provides onshore custody and asset servicing to specified licensed international investors in mainland Chinese stock exchanges
  • China Connects (Stock & Bond) - offers investors a comprehensive suite of solutions to access mainland Chinese capital markets

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RMB Liquidity Management

  • Benefit from cash concentration, notional pooling, cross-bank sweeping, regional interest optimisation services and more

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Why DBS RMB Corporate Account
Manage remittances and FX transactions while trading efficiently in RMB.
Easy to open and simple to manage

Easy to open and simple to manage

  • Open your business account in as fast as 3 working days

  • Enjoy unparalleled convenience with on-the-go access to all your business banking services via DBS IDEAL, our online banking platform

  • Extended remittance time

Boundless RMB transactions

Boundless RMB transactions

  • No restrictions for inward and outward RMB remittances outside mainland China

  • No daily limit for cash withdrawals

  • Fast RMB cross-border payments and collections

Safe and Reliable

Safe and Reliable

  • DBS has been named the Safest Bank in Asia by Global Finance for five consecutive years

  • DBS was recently voted Number 1 globally for Best Service in Euromoney’s 2020 Cash Management Survey by over 1,800 respondents from financial institutions around the world

How to Apply

Apply via our DBS Online Account Opening for Business page

Alternatively, please download and complete the application form and submit it at any DBS SME Banking Centre.

For more information on our RMB remittance hours and fees, please see our remittance page.

You may also make an appointment or call DBS BusinessCare at 2290 8068.