The Future of Cross-border Payments

Tracking Payments with SWIFT gpi

Fast, transparent and traceable cross-border payments

Tracking Payments with SWIFT gpi

Fast, transparent and traceable cross-border payments

At a Glance
SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi) speeds up cross-border payments with real-time tracking.

Traceable real-time

Get notified when your supplier/beneficiary’s account has been credited


Same-day use of funds for your cross-border payments. Subject to the cut-off time of receiving bank



Credited amount and FX rates applied are readily available

Features & Benefits
selection and cursors

Access information easily

Through end-to-end cross-border payments tracking now available in Singapore, Hong Kong (S.A.R), Mainland China, Taiwan, Indonesia and India


Increase your efficiency

Better cash management and fast turnaround time


Get payment status in real-time

Know when funds are received by Beneficiary or if payments are still being processed


Input remittance details

Include up to 140 characters of remittance information to help your beneficiary know the payment details

How to Apply

SWIFT gpi tracking capability is available to all IDEAL Transact customers. 

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How fast will SWIFT gpi process cross-border payments?

Banks signed up to SWIFT gpi are required to process or notify the status of your cross-border transactions within 4 hours. However, most payments settle even faster.  

How can I use SWIFT gpi?

SWIFT gpi is a default mode in your outgoing payments. All eligible cross-border payments will be routed through gpi.

What are the participating banks?
How do I trace my cross-border payments?

You can trace your SWIFT gpi transactions status through IDEAL, provided that the transaction was initiated through one of our electronic channels

  1. On DBS IDEAL, navigate to Accounts, followed by Activities
  2. Search by Transaction Details (For e.g. Debit Amount, Customer Reference)
  3. Click on Report for: Payment Status and MT103 copy