Government-Assisted Schemes

SME Loan Guarantee

Rely on a loan guarantee to grow your SME

Enhance your business expansion plans with the DBS SME Loan Guarantee Scheme. Suitable for manufacturers, traders, wholesalers and service providers, this loan can be used for the purchase of business installations and equipment, boosting your working capital and cash flow. You may borrow up to HKD 12 million with a repayment period of up to five years. The guarantee amount is 50% of the approved loan, subject to a maximum amount of HKD 6 million.


Why choose DBS SME Loan Guarantee?

  • Benefit from a loan that covers a broad range of equipment. It covers the purchase of machinery, tools, computer software and hardware, communication systems, office equipment, transport facilities, furniture and fixtures
  • Access funds up to HKD 12 million with no collaterals required, with 50% guarantee of the approved loan
  • Minimise additional costs with preferential pricing and fees. Plus, enjoy special rates for trade-related products and services


How do I know if I am eligible for the SME Loan Guarantee?

Your company’s operations must be based in Hong Kong and be registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Chapter 310) and be classified as an SME under the definition of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the HKSAR).

Typically, your company could be a manufacturing business which employs fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong, or a non-manufacturing business which employs fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong.

If your business involves manufacturing, trading, wholesaling or providing services in Hong Kong, you may be eligible.

Call us at 2290 8068 and we’ll arrange for a relationship manager to discuss your application.

How does the loan work?

The SME Loan Guarantee is a form of non-revolving loan or a hire purchase agreement and is repaid by installments. The first installment should take place in the first six months after the loan has been approved. The repayment interval between subsequent installments should be less than three months. The full loan should be repaid in five years or less, which is the maximum tenure.

How may the loan be used?

The loans may be used for acquiring second-hand installations and equipment. However, the loans cannot be used for financing or re-financing of the machinery and installations already in your possession or your associates.

Am I eligible for another loan if I have repaid the initial loan backed by the guarantee?

Yes. If you have fully paid up the previous loan, you are eligible for one more loan up to HKD 12 million.

What is the interest rate?

We offer competitive interest rates for SMEs. The interest rate will be determined based on the assessment of your business profile and financial records.

Do you charge any fees?

Yes, there is an arrangement fee when the loan is approved.


How do I apply?

Simply call DBS Business Care at 2290 8068 or visit our Enterprise Banking Centres, SME Banking or designated DBS branches and our Relationship Manager will be glad to assist you. The documents you will need to provide will depend on how long your company is established.

If your company is established for 18 months or more, you will require the following:

  • Copy of the valid Business Registration Certificate
  • Latest audited accounts for a limited company
  • Latest financial statements for an unlimited company

If your company is established for less than 18 months, you will require the following:

  • Copy of the valid Business Registration Certificate
  • Documentary proof on the date of establishment and relevant financial records


Personal Information Collection (PIC)

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited safeguards your data in accordance with applicable Hong Kong laws.

We only use the data we collect in accordance with our Data Policy which explains the data collection purposes, the persons to whom we may transfer data, your data access and correction rights and how you may contact our Data Protection Officer.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!