Business FPS Services – 24/7 real-time fund transfer in HKD and RMB


Business FPS Services – 24/7 real-time fund transfer in HKD and RMB

Open your account online today to enjoy a recurring monthly FPS fee rebate1 and a series of welcome offer!

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At a Glance
Make instant interbank fund transfers in Hong Kong any time, any day.

With FPS, payments can be made through a registered Proxy ID (email address / mobile phone number / an identifier assigned by FPS (i.e. FPS ID^) / HKID) or a QR code, in addition to the conventional way of using a bank account number.

^FPS ID is a unique random number generated by FPS to be associated with your account and can be requested through IDEAL if you choose to use FPS ID to receive FPS payments for your business transactions.


Save time and benefit from 24x7 instant payments



Make payments to individuals and business with no account numbers required



Use of QR code to facilitate instant payments

How it Works

To Pay with FPS:
Step 1: Log in to DBS IDEAL or IDEAL Mobile App.
Step 2: Pay to other businesses or individual consumers by using their account numbers or registered Proxy IDs, or by scanning QR code provided by your payee.
Step 3: Check Status of the transaction in IDEAL.

To Receive with FPS using Proxy ID:
Step 1: Register your Proxy ID with your DBS account through IDEAL or IDEAL Mobile App.
Step 2: Provide your registered Proxy ID or QR code* to your payers through your website, other online channels or your invoices.
Step 3: View FPS transactions on IDEAL Account Activities.

* Generated by merchant

1 Terms and Conditions of recurring monthly FPS fee rebate offer

2 Terms and Conditions of DBS SME Online Account Opening for Business – Welcome offer

Note: You can make FPS payments using IDEAL, and registration is not required. If you choose to receive FPS payments with a proxy ID, then registration is required.

Subject to Terms and Conditions



You must have a DBS HKD or RMB Business Account and sign up for IDEAL to transfer funds to beneficiary of the FPS participating banks.

How to Apply

Arrange a call with our Relationship Managers to learn more about our FPS services.

Call us at 2290 8068.

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What is FPS?

FPS is a faster payment system launched in Hong Kong to enable 24 x7 real time fund transfers between bank accounts in Hong Kong.

Can I make FPS payments?

Corporate customers with DBS business accounts can make FPS payments via IDEAL. 

What currency can I use for FPS payments?

DBS supports FPS payments denominated in Hong Kong dollar (HKD) and Renminbi (RMB).

What payee information do I need to make a FPS payment?

You will need the payee’s bank details and bank account number, or alternatively the Proxy ID shared with you by the payee, to make a FPS payment.

What is a FPS Proxy ID?

FPS supports proxy identifiers (Proxy ID) such as mobile phone number, email address or FPS ID (an identifier assigned by the Faster Payment System upon registration) for account identification in addition to the conventional way of using bank account number.

How can I register for a FPS Proxy ID?

You can log in to IDEAL / IDEAL Mobile App for proxy registration.  Once the proxy registration has been processed successfully, a confirmation will be sent to you via email or SMS. 

Is Proxy ID mandatory for FPS transactions?

You can make FPS payment to a Proxy ID or an account number. If you choose to use your email address, mobile phone number, and FPS ID for receiving FPS payments, proxy registration is required for account identification.  You can also choose to use your DBS account number for receiving FPS payments, and proxy registration is not required. 

What types of DBS accounts can I link my Proxy ID to?

You can register Proxy ID with your HKD / RMB Current and Savings Account, and Multi-Currency Account with DBS. 

Can I link multiple Proxy IDs to the same DBS account?

You can register multiple Proxy IDs with the same DBS account.  

Can I link the same Proxy ID to accounts with different banks?

If you choose to use email address / mobile phone number as Proxy ID, you can register the same Proxy ID with different accounts with multiple participating banks, through the bank with which your account is maintained respectively.  The registration of FPS ID is restricted to one account of one bank only.

Where will I receive the payment if I register the same Proxy ID with multiple participating banks?

If you register the same Proxy ID with different banks, you will need to choose one of your bank accounts as your default bank account upon registration for account identification to receive FPS payment. When your payer pays to Proxy ID without your bank details, the payment will be made to your default bank account. When your payer provides your designated bank details together with your Proxy ID to make business transactions, the payment will be made to your designated bank account used for FPS payments.

Can I register Proxy ID for my subsidiary’s account with DBS?

You can perform proxy registration to an account belonging to a subsidiary as long as you are authorised to access to that account in IDEAL.    

What will happen to inward payments after I close my DBS account with FPS proxy registration?

Any inward payments credited to a Proxy ID registered with a closed account will be returned to the paying bank.

How do I amend or cancel my Proxy ID setup after it is registered?

You can log in to IDEAL / IDEAL Mobile App to amend or cancel any Proxy ID registered. 

What is QR Code for FPS?

FPS supports the use of QR code that adopts the common standard published and administered by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited. Businesses have the option to use a FPS QR code (usually provided through website, other online channels, or invoices) for FPS payments, which allows their payer to scan the FPS QR code to automatically capture the payment details and conduct transactions without the need to manually enter the data.

How can I generate a QR code for FPS?

Please contact our Relationship Manager if you would like to generate a QR code to receive FPS payments for your business.

What devices do my payers use to scan my FPS QR code?

Your payers can scan your QR code using the mobile phone application provided by their banks to make FPS payments to your account.

How soon will I receive the FPS payment into my DBS account?

Provided the payer is using a bank that is a participant in FPS real-time payments, you should be able to receive the payment immediately.