Quick and seamless mobile collection solution for merchants


Quick and seamless mobile collection solution for merchants

At a Glance
Designed with your business needs in mind, DBS MAX allows FPS collections for merchants in real-time using a QR code, enables access to funds the same day and facilitates easy reconciliation with real-time notifications and end-of-day transaction reports.


Access a large base of customers and enable mobile collections from any of the FPS participating banks using a QR code



Flexibility to cater any type of business and payment model, including in-store transactions in shops and pop-up stores, and payment on delivery, etc.



Reduce processing and handling costs of cash and cheques

Features & Benefits
qr code

Use the FPS QR code to facilitate collections through Scan & Pay


Real-time collections with immediate credit confirmation


Consolidated credits into your bank account for easy reconciliation

smart device

MAX Assist Portal provides an overview across all your outlets and collection points

How it Works


How to Apply

For existing DBS account and IDEAL users:

Step 1: Log in to DBS IDEAL using your company’s Organization ID, User ID, and PIN.

Application for DBS MAX FPS mobile collection process


Step 2: Click on Merchant Services to enter MAX Assist Portal


Step 3: Create Outlet(s) and User(s) to register for MAX in MAX Assist Portal

Register to use DBS MAX FPS mobile collection

Register to use DBS MAX FPS mobile collection


Note: You will need to be an IDEAL authoriser to be able to register for MAX features
MAX Assist Portal is currently available only on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer desktop browsers.    

New to DBS?

Apply DBS Online Account Opening for Business and sign up for IDEAL. Only IDEAL authorisers will be able to register for DBS MAX.

What is DBS MAX?

DBS MAX allows merchants to facilitate the collection of funds via the FPS QR code. You can register for DBS MAX through the MAX Assist Portal. 

How can DBS MAX merchants conduct mobile collections via FPS?

Merchants only need to present the QR code to customers in DBS MAX mobile application and can then be eligible for instant mobile collection via FPS. At the end of each day, the merchant’s collected funds will be automatically deposited into the company’s settlement account.

I don’t have a Business Account to use DBS MAX. Can I still sign up?

You will need to open a Business Account and sign up for IDEAL access in order to register for DBS MAX.

Who in my organisation can sign up for DBS MAX?

All IDEAL authorisers within your organization can sign up for DBS MAX on your behalf.

Can I link my existing Business Account to DBS MAX?

Yes. Your existing HKD and CNY Business Account in IDEAL will be available for you to link to DBS MAX using the MAX Assist Portal.

How long does DBS MAX keep my transaction history for?

We keep your transaction history for up to 90 days.

What are the charges for using DBS MAX?

There will be transaction fees according to FPS Bank Charges Schedule (corporate customers) and a monthly service maintenance fee.

How will my collected funds be credited to Business Account?

Your collected funds will be credited automatically to your linked Business Account daily. Alternatively, you may manually transfer funds up to 4 times during the day.