What should I do if Credit Card Autopay is rejected?

If your Credit Card Autopay gets rejected, please settle your credit card outstanding balance as soon as possible before the due date via other payment methods to prevent additional charges.

Can the autopay run by default once I replenish the designated bank account with sufficient funds?

Autopay can only be performed once a month on the payment due date, even you replenish your designated bank account with sufficient funds on or after the payment due date. Please make the repayment manually if your autopay is being rejected.

Autopay will continue to be performed on the next payment due date.

To avoid late payment due to rejection of autopay, please ensure your designated bank account has sufficient funds for autopay before the payment due date. To check your credit card payment due date, please click here for details.

If you are late to make repayment, finance charges will be calculated and accrued on a daily basis starting from the day after statement date.

Why my credit card autopay is being rejected?

As the Beneficiary Bank, we do not hold any details of autopay rejection. Please refer to the Payment Bank for the reject reasons.

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