Request credit card fee waiver

You can request credit card fee waiver via below channels.

24/7 request via leaving us a message by clicking here
  1. Click here to leave us a message.

  2. Follow the instructions to start the conversation in our Digibot. We will reply within 3 working days.

Call our 24-hour Credit Card Fee Waiver Hotline 2290 8877

After the fee has been posted to your account, you can submit your credit card fee waiver application by calling the designated hotline 2290 8877 and follow below steps to submit the application:

  1. Select language: press 1 Cantonese / 2 Putonghua / 3 English

  2. In main menu, press 1 for Credit Card, then press 1 to apply for fee and charges waiver. Follow the instruction to complete waiver application for each type of charge.


  • Credit card fee waiver includes but not limited to annual fee, late fee and finance charge.

  • The credit card fee waiver result is subject to the Bank's approval.

  • You can only request to waive fee after the fee has been posted to your account.

  • If you are supplementary card holder, you can request to waive credit card fee by using your supplementary card number through our hotline shown as above.

  • The method above is only applicable for the cardholder who applied credit card with HKID. If you register credit card with other identity document, please contact us directly.

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