Annual income requirement for principal credit card application

You need to meet the annual income requirement to apply a principal credit card.

For principal credit card application, you need to fulfill the requirements as below:

  • Meet minimum annual income requirement of each credit card

  • Prepare the required application document

  • There is no limit on the number of cards you may apply for. For each credit card, you may apply for up to 6 supplementary cards.

Annual Income Requirements

You may find the annual income requirement of DBS credit cards in the table below:


Minimum Annual Income Required

DBS Eminent VISA Signature Card

HK$ 360,000

DBS Eminent VISA Platinum Card

HK$ 150,000

DBS Black American Express Card

HK$ 240,000

DBS Black World MasterCard

HK$ 240,000

COMPASS VISA Card Platinum

HK$ 100,000

DBS Platinum Credit Card

HK$ 150,000

Manulife MasterCard Platinum

HK$ 150,000



  • If you want to apply Private Label Card (DG Privilege Card/First Edible Nest Privilege Card/Extravaganza Card), you need to be our Eminent Card or Platinum Card Customer.

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