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Your Accounts

DBS Account

DBS AccountWith comprehensive wealth management tools, DBS provides easy channels to solutions that fit your financial needs.

HKD Savings and Current Accounts

HKD Savings and Current AccountsManage your wealth at ease with the interest-earning accounts.

Multi-Currency Savings Account

Multi-Currency Savings AccountSave and transact in 14 multiple currencies with the all-in-one account.

Renminbi Services

Renminbi ServicesManage your Renminbi (RMB) funds with our wide range of RMB products and services.

Time Deposit

Time DepositDifferent deposit tenors, currency and renewal instructions to help your money grow.

DBS Octopus ATM Card

DBS Octopus ATM CardCombining the features of ATM functions and Octopus card. The pre-activated Octopus Automatic Add Value Service let you enjoy the ultimate shopping convenience.

Total Relationship Balance

Total Relationship BalanceConsolidate your assets and banking services with DBS today to enhance your Total Relationship Balance and to earn extra rewards.