Other Features and Benefits

VISA Plus Global Service You can withdraw local currencies anywhere in the world through ATMs bearing the logo from your pre-registered DBS Bank HKD Savings or Current Account with your VISA Card*
* A HK$25 handling fee applies for each transaction made and details will be recorded in your passbook or bank statement.
Shopping Protection When you encounter situation(s) such as having received damaged or defective goods, or the goods or services being not matched with what was described, or not having received the goods or services ordered, you should contact the merchant which sold you the goods or services immediately and resolve any complaints about such goods or services directly with the merchant.  If you cannot resolve the matter with the merchant or are unable to contact the merchant because it has ceased business, you can contact us for assisting you to dispute the transaction through the chargeback mechanism provided by the relevant card association.

The chargeback mechanism is a form of customer protection provided by the relevant card association which allows cardholder to file a complaint regarding disputed transactions.  Once the cardholder files a dispute, the card issuing bank will conduct an investigation into the complaint by requesting the concerned merchant to submit proof through its bank (“card acquiring bank”).  Once the chargeback request is proven to be valid, the card acquiring bank will refund the disputed transaction amount to the cardholder via the card issuing bank. Cardholder may be charged with a processing fee by the relevant card association in certain circumstances.

Examples of chargeback:

  • Cardholder did not receive the goods or services he/she paid for due to closure of the merchant
  • Cardholder returned the purchased goods but did not get the refund from the merchant within the agreed timeframe
  • Cardholder cancelled the subscribed services but merchant continues to charge for recurrent payments

Cardholder should pay special attention to the chargeback time limit, and submit before expiry of the time limit the chargeback request together with the relevant supporting documents to the card issuing bank for processing. For more details, please refer to Help & Support > Dispute transaction.

Important Note:
The chargeback mechanism is not applicable to purchases with credit cards through the use of Card Interest-Free Instalment Loan offered by us.

Fraud Transaction Protection If you find any doubtful or unauthorized transactions in your statement, call our DBS Credit Card 24-hour Customer Services Hotline at (852) 2290 8888 immediately. Upon receipt of your request; on a case-by-case basis subject to our approval, we may withhold your payment of the relevant transaction until an investigation is concluded . However, please note that if it is found to be a valid transaction after investigation, we shall re-impose the applicable finance charges for the period starting from the date when the relevant transaction should have been paid.

Important Notes:
  1. You should report the doubtful or unauthorized transaction(s) on any statements to us within 60 days after the relevant statement date , otherwise you shall be deemed to have accepted such transactions and any dispute requests subsequently raised may be declined.
  2. According to the rules of relevant card association, there is no dispute right for certain transactions.
  3. Use of your credit card shall always be subject to DBS Personal Credit Card Terms and Conditions, DBS$ / COMPASS CARD Reward Scheme Terms and Conditions and DBS$ / COMPASS Dollar Redemption Offer Terms and Conditions.
One Customer One Limit You will be assigned an overall credit limit which will be shared amongst all your DBS personal credit cards. This enables you to enjoy greater flexibility in managing your credit limit across all the DBS cards owned.
To cater for emergency need, you can also request an instant temporary credit limit increase* by calling our 24-hour Customer Services Hotline on (852) 2290 8888.
Please download and complete the Credit Card Line Increases / Reduction Request Form and return it to us with copies of your current income proof via fax to 2235 5901.
* Not applicable to cash advance and DBS VISA Business Card and subject to the final approval of DBS Bank.
Convenient Payment Methods DBS offers you a wide array of convenient Credit Card payment methods, letting you handle your payment at ease.
  • DBS Omni EasyPayment

You can enroll EasyPayment via DBS Omni. Just follow the instruction to set up any local bank account in your own name. Your DBS credit card balance can be settled through direct debit from your designated bank account on any day and in any amount specified by you.

Remark: Please make instruction to pay at least the minimum payment of your card account by Omni EasyPayment one day before payment due date. Payment made by 5p.m. on Mon to Fri (except Public Holidays) will be executed on next working day.
Some banks may charge a DDA set up fee. For details, please contact your paying account bank.


  • Autopay

Just complete and return the "Direct Debit Authorisation Form" by mail and your DBS credit card balance will automatically be settled every month through direct debit from your designated bank account on the payment due date. You can choose to settle full payment, minimum payment, or a fixed percentage of the statement balance. The application process is simple, and you do not need to worry about your payment afterwards.

Remark: Please continue to settle your monthly statement in your usual manner until you receive a statement printed with “AUTOMATIC PAYMENT”.


  • PPS Payment

The free round-the-clock PPS Service allows you to settle your payment by using any touch-tone phone or through www.ppshk.com. Simply open a PPS account at any PPS Terminal and register your DBS Credit Card for payment.

Remark: Payment will be settled through direct debit from your designated saving or current account. Maximum daily transfer limit is HK$100,000 for payment by a DBS bank account. Our merchant code is “45”. For bill registration, please call 18013 (Chi) / 18011 (Eng) or go to www.ppshk.com. For bill payment, please call 18033 (Chi) / 18031 (Eng) or go to www.ppshk.com.
You are required to receive a “One time password” via your mobile phone upon registration for DBS Credit Card bills through www.ppshk.com. Therefore, please register or update your mobile phone number via a PPS terminal before registering DBS Credit Card bills on www.ppshk.com.


  • Phone Banking Services

You can settle your credit card balance from the pre-registered bank account via DBS 24-hour Customer Services Hotline (852) 2290 8888*. For details of our phone banking services, please visit phone banking.

* To settle payment, after language selection please press “1” > “2” > enter Credit Card Number and Telephone Identification Number (TIN) > “3” > “1”. Minimum transfer limit is HK$50 per transaction.


  • ATM Transfer

Use your ATM card to settle your credit card balance by transferring funds directly from your DBS bank account at over 1,700 JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong and Macau.


You can also make your credit card payment from your JETCO member bank account at any ATM bearing the “JET PAYMENT” logo. It is easy and convenient+.

+ For cutoff time, please refer to monthly statement.


  • Internet Banking

You can settle your credit card balance via DBS iBanking. For details of registration, please visit iBanking.

  • Cheque Payment By Mail

Simply send in a crossed cheque to G.P.O. Box 9011 Hong Kong with your DBS Credit Card number written on the back along with your statement at least 5 working days prior to the payment due date.

Made payable to “DBS BANK (HONG KONG) LIMITED”. Post-dated cheques are not accepted.


  • Payment by Cash / Cheque

You may bring along your DBS Credit Card statement to any branches of DBS Bank to settle payment by cash or cheque^. If you are making a cheque payment at a branch, you can simply write your DBS Credit Card number on the back of your crossed cheque, place it in an envelope together with your statement, then drop it in the Drop-in Box# provided. It’s convenient and time-saving.

^ Handling fee for payment over counter is HK$30 per transaction. The charge will be shown on your next statement. Over counter credit card payment from customers with DBS deposit or loan accounts are not exempted for this charge.
# Cash, post-dated cheques are not accepted.


  • Cash Deposit Service

You can settle your credit card balance by depositing cash into your credit card account via any cash deposit machine at selected DBS branches. For credit card payment, the cutoff time follows that of JET payment. For location and operating hour, please visit cash deposit.

Lost Card Total Protection Service If your card is lost or stolen, follow our Lost Card Total Protection Service and report it immediately to our "Report Lost Card Hotline" on 2832 6603. Under this new service*, you are protected and are totally free from liability for unauthorised transactions.
* Cardholders must take reasonable steps including to safeguard and protect their Card. For full details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.
24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service When you are overseas, you can contact the 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service for aid. The services include:
  • Lost Card Reporting
  • Emergency Cash Assistance (applicable to card lost or stolen)
  • Emergency Card Replacement Service*
* Service is subject to the Bank's approval
DBS Credit Card/Co-branded Card Emergency Assistance 24-Hour Toll-Free Number.
Please call the following numbers if you are in :
Country Toll-Free Number For VISA Cardholder
Australia 1-800-450-346
Canada 1-866-639-1911
China 10-800-440-0027
France 0-800-90-4349
Germany 0-800-182-2891
Indonesia 001-803-44-1600
Japan 00531-44-0022
Malaysia 1-800-802-997
New Zealand 0-508-600-300
Singapore 800-4481-250
Korea 00-308-44-0050
Taiwan 0-080-1-444-123
Thailand 001-800-441-3485
United Kingdom 0-800-169-5189
USA 866-765-9644
Countries not listed above 1-410-581-9994
# In certain provinces only
  1. The hotline provides free arrangement and assistance only, and all medical and other service charges will be at the Cardholders' expense.
  2. DBS Bank will not be responsible for any liability arising in conjunction with the services provided.
  3. DBS Bank reserves right of final decision in all matters relating to these services.
Signature Waiver Service for Payment Transaction DBS Credit Card offers you a fast and convenient way of payment. DBS Visa cardholders can now perform any retail transaction of HK$193 or less without the need of a signature at all Watsons*, PARKnSHOP and the Group's supermarkets. Also, no signature on receipt is required for any purchase of less than HK$200 at all Watsons* outlets by using DBS MasterCard.
* Not applicable for Hutchison Telecom bill payment.
Interest-Free Payment No interest will be charged on any outstanding balance below HK$50 and the balance will remain interest-free until the next statement.
Remark: Not applicable to cash advance, fund transfer and balance transfer.
24-hour Easy Cash Advance You can get cash advances or access other credit card services at over 1,700 JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong and Macau or you can visit any DBS Bank branches during business hours to get cash advances. For added convenience, the cash advance service is also available at any VISA or MasterCard ATMs worldwide.
One-Time Password for Reliable Online Purchase DBS always strives for the most reliable banking services. For you to shop with your desired DBS Credit Card anytime reliably, we bring you the Verified by Visa/ MasterCard SecureCode/ American Express SafeKey "One-Time Password" (OTP) designated for online transactions.


What is One-Time Password?


OTP is used for online authentication. You can simply enjoy a higher level of security in online shopping experiences, and yet with greater convenience of not having to memorise the password.


How does it work?


When you use your VISA, MasterCard or American Express Card issued by us for online purchases in Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode / American Express SafeKey enabled websites, after filling in the credit card numbers and other required information, a pop-up window will request you for OTP, which will be simultaneously sent by mobile phone SMS. Once OTP is correctly input, the online transaction will be authenticated.

You will not receive any OTP if you have not registered a valid mobile phone number in our record. In that case, a pop-up window will remind you to register a valid mobile phone number with us for receiving OTP. Your online transaction could be completed without authentication.
Terms & Conditions

No extra cost and registration are required to enjoy these protections for using your DBS Credit Cards reliably. Simply provide us with your updated and valid mobile phone number by filling in and returning Change of Customer’s Personal Data Instruction Form.

Up to 60 days
Interest-free Repayment Period
Your DBS Credit Card lets you enjoy up to 60 days interest-free repayment period. You can choose to settle your balance in full, or pay the minimum payment to match your financial needs. Now, DBS Credit Card offers you 9 flexible ways to settle your payment to best suit you.
Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!