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We are all travel addicts. That’s why we offer you 3X DBS$# (HK$6 = 1 mile) on local and overseas spending, plus a host of travel perks.

Remarks: Starting from 12 September 2019, all newly issued, renewed or replaced American Express credit card will be equipped with contactless payment function.


Welcome Offer

New customers or Existing customers^ who successfully apply DBS Black American Express Card by 31 July 2020 can enjoy the first year annual fee waiver and fabulous welcome offer, upon spending with the new card and activating DBS Omni account* in the first 2 months:

10% cash rebate (Up to HK$600)

New Customer
The eligible New Customers will be entitled to 10% cash rebate on the posted retail transaction conducted with the New Card within 2 months from the New Card issuance date. The maximum Cash Rebate offers to New Customers during the Spending Period is HK$600.

Up to HK$400 “InstaRedeem” Amount

Existing Customer
InstaRedeem” amount will be sub-divided and pushed automatically to the eligible Existing Customer (HK$100 each time) after the eligible Existing Customer has completed Eligible Spending with amount in excess of HK$100 (i.e. the “InstaRedeem amount will be pushed up to 4 times).


Online Spending Bonus Offer

From now to 31 July 2020, accumulate at least HK$1,000 of online spending to enjoy HK$3 = 1 mile, please click here for details.

Online Spending Bonus Offer is subject to Terms and Conditions.


  Key Facts Statement for Credit Card   Repayment Calculator
New CustomerApply now
Current DBS Cardholder (Only applicable to existing principal cardholders who have no change of mobile phone number, home address, nationality or other information)Apply now
Resume your applicationResume application

# For details of 3X DBS$, please refer to the web page of DBS$ Reward Scheme and DBS$ Reward Scheme Terms and Conditions. Please click here for details.
* New Customer and Existing Customer must download DBS Omni, register and activate DBS Omni account within 2 months of the new card issuance date to enjoy the welcome offer.
^ “New Customers” shall mean applicants who, during the New Card approval process have not applied for, do not currently hold, or in the 12 months prior to the date of application for the New Card, have not held and/or cancelled any principal credit cards (including co-branded cards and/or DBS COMPASS VISA) issued by the Bank. “Existing Customers” shall mean applicants who are not New Customers.

Welcome Offer is subject to Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions. Please click here for details.



DBS$ & Miles Conversion RatesComplimentary Newspaper/Magazine Redemption at AirportAirport Limousine Transfer Service
Live the WorldAmex Love LocalCard Features and Benefits


DBS$ Recharge
DBS$ Recharge
10% Off Hotel Booking Offer from
Up to 9% Off Hotel Booking Offer from
8% Off Hotel Booking from
8% Off Hotel Booking from
7% Off Hotel Booking Offer from
7% Off Hotel Booking Offer from
Up to 5% Off Travel Products from KLOOK
5% Off Travel Products from KLOOK
Online Shopping Privileges
Online Shopping Privileges

DBS Omni

Introducing the brand new DBS Omni mobile app, the perfect companion for your DBS Credit Cards. Download and experience four ‘first-in-market’ innovations that will revolutionalise the way you use your credit cards.

Register Omni

Your spending will be shown on your timeline automatically.

Track your personal finances effectively with Budget

Track your personal finances effectively with Budget

Instant Redemption and save on your transaction

Making payment to your DBS Credit Cards easier

Download DBS Omni:




Earn Rewards

DBS$ & Miles Conversion Rates
DBS$ & Miles Conversion Rates

Redeem Rewards

iGO Rewards
iGO Rewards
Asia Miles instant conversion
Instant redemption & conversion of Asia Miles
Redeem Avios
Redeem British Airways Executive Club's Avios, handling fee waived
Redeem KrisFlyer
Redeem Singapore Airlines' KrisFlyer, handling fee waived
Redeem Phoneix miles
Redeem Air China's PhoenixMiles, handling fee waived
Instant redemption with DBS$
Instant redemption with DBS$ at any merchants round the globe
InstaRedeem upgraded offers
InstaRedeem upgraded offers
Redeem a range of rewards with DBS$ earned

Shopping ProtectionWhen you encounter situation(s) such as having received damaged or defective goods, or the goods or services being not matched with what was described, or not having received the goods or services ordered, you should contact the merchant which sold you the goods or services immediately and resolve any complaints about such goods or services directly with the merchant.  If you cannot resolve the matter with the merchant or are unable to contact the merchant because it has ceased business, you can contact us for assisting you to dispute the transaction through the chargeback mechanism provided by the relevant card association.

The chargeback mechanism is a form of customer protection provided by the relevant card association which allows cardholder to file a complaint regarding disputed transactions.  Once the cardholder files a dispute, the card issuing bank will conduct an investigation into the complaint by requesting the concerned merchant to submit proof through its bank (“card acquiring bank”).  Once the chargeback request is proven to be valid, the card acquiring bank will refund the disputed transaction amount to the cardholder via the card issuing bank. Cardholder may be charged with a processing fee by the relevant card association in certain circumstances.

Examples of chargeback:

  • Cardholder did not receive the goods or services he/she paid for due to closure of the merchant
  • Cardholder returned the purchased goods but did not get the refund from the merchant within the agreed timeframe
  • Cardholder cancelled the subscribed services but merchant continues to charge for recurrent payments

Cardholder should pay special attention to the chargeback time limit, and submit before expiry of the time limit the chargeback request together with the relevant supporting documents to the card issuing bank for processing. For more details, please refer to Help & Support > Dispute transaction.

Important Note:
The chargeback mechanism is not applicable to purchases with credit cards through the use of Card Interest-Free Instalment Loan offered by us.

Fraud Transaction ProtectionIf you find any doubtful or unauthorized transactions in your statement, call our DBS Credit Card 24-hour Customer Services Hotline at (852) 2290 8888 immediately. Upon receipt of your request; on a case-by-case basis subject to our approval, we may withhold your payment of the relevant transaction until an investigation is concluded . However, please note that if it is found to be a valid transaction after investigation, we shall re-impose the applicable finance charges for the period starting from the date when the relevant transaction should have been paid.

Important Notes:
  1. You should report the doubtful or unauthorized transaction(s) on any statements to us within 60 days after the relevant statement date , otherwise you shall be deemed to have accepted such transactions and any dispute requests subsequently raised may be declined.
  2. According to the rules of relevant card association, there is no dispute right for certain transactions.
  3. Use of your credit card shall always be subject to DBS Personal Credit Card Terms and Conditions, DBS$ / COMPASS CARD Reward Scheme Terms and Conditions and DBS$ / COMPASS Dollar Redemption Offer Terms and Conditions.

24-hour Emergency Card Replacement

In the event that DBS Black Card is stolen, damaged or lost in Hong Kong, please call 24-hour Customer Service Hotline (852) 2290 8888 and we will provide a replacement card by the next business day within Hong Kong.
Remark: Related administration fee will be charged to cardholder.

DBS Black Card DBS$ Conversion Rates

Frequently Asked Questions
DBS Personal Credit Card Terms and Conditions
Key Facts StatementClick here for details
Fee Schedule
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How to Apply

Key Facts Statement for Credit Card Repayment Calculator
New CustomerApply Now
Current DBS Cardholder (Only applicable to existing principal cardholder who has no change of mobile phone number, home address, nationality or other information)Apply Now
Resume your applicationResume application


Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.

Personal Information Collection (PIC)

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited safeguards your data in accordance with applicable Hong Kong laws.

We only use the data we collect in accordance with our Data Policy which explains the data collection purposes, the persons to whom we may transfer data, your data access and correction rights and how you may contact our Data Protection Officer.

Reminders about Responsible Borrowing

  • You should have a clear understanding of your financial condition, daily expenses, and actual borrowing needs.
  • You should assess your repayment ability and avoid over-borrowing.
  • You should repay any outstanding balance on time to avoid late payment charges and additional overdue interest.
  • To borrow or not to borrow?  Borrow only if you can repay!


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