Our Asian Network

Grow your wealth with Asia’s Wealth Managers

Ride on Asia’s powerhouse economy and rapid infrastructure development. Make the most of opportunities in emerging markets across the region. And expand your presence well beyond the shores of Hong Kong.

  • As a DBS Treasures Private Client, you can tap the impressive resources and reach of Asia’s leading financial group to build your wealth.
  • With unmatched knowledge and research, an Asia-focused, 15-country network, and enduring relationships with customers across borders, we help you achieve your financial goals through a variety of innovative wealth management services.

Access. Advantage. All over Asia.

Wherever your travels take you, your DBS Treasures Private Client status offers you recognition and privileges that simply transcends borders. Receive efficient, personalised service at our 24-hour customer service hotline. And stay abreast of market developments with our daily in-depth analyses and reports, brought to by our multiple award-winning DBS Group Research and Chief Investment Office teams.