Foreign Exchange

Convert currencies for delivery

At a Glance
Our FX service converts to/from foreign currencies quickly and seamlessly.

Quick exchange

Exchange foreign currencies in a short space of time


Wide range of currencies

Access to a wide range of global currencies through our FX channels


Variety of currency solutions

From vanilla FX conversions (Value Today, Spot FX, FX Foward) to more complex solutions (time options, FX options etc), our specialists will be able to address your needs


Leverage our expertise

We help you identify and hedge against the potential risks of doing business overseas


Competitive pricing

Benefit from our strong market position and extensive network in multiple FX markets

How it Works


For Spot USD/HKD FX transactions, we can convert your USD receivables into HKD and credit your bank account two business days later.

How to Apply

Please contact your Relationship Manager or call DBS BusinessCare at 2290 8068 and we will arrange for a product specialist to speak with you.

Disclaimer and Important Notices
Disclaimer and Important Notices