inward bill collection

Inward Bill Collection (DA/DP)

Facilitate trade activities with our documentary collection service

Inward Bill Collection (DA/DP)

Facilitate trade activities with our documentary collection service

At a Glance
Save time and collect your goods quickly with our Inward Bill Collection. We can help process these documents and payments on your behalf:

Documents against Acceptance (DA)

We release the import documents to you upon acceptance of the bills of exchange/drafts. You promise to pay the seller on a fixed date

Documents against Payment (DP)

We release the import document to you upon your payment

Features & Benefits

Convenient collection

Submit and collect your documents easily at one of our Trade Collection Branches or SME Banking Centres

Real-time notification

Subscribe to DBS IDEAL to be informed of status

Facility-free service

Apply for Inward Bill Collection without the need for a credit facility

Best service time

Submit forms before 6pm (on working days) to enjoy same-day process

Free up cash flow

Ask DBS to finance your purchase of goods to turn your business around faster

Apply loan under HK$10 million
Apply loan over HK$10 million
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How it Works


Do I need a credit facility for this product?

No, you do not need a credit facility.

How do I know the documents have arrived?

We will inform you when your documents arrive at DBS by phone or fax. However, if you are using DBS IDEAL, we will notify you through the system.

How long does it take to process the documents?

If we receive the documents by 6pm on a working day, we can process them on the same day. If we receive the documents after 6pm, we will process them within the next working day.

How do I instruct DBS to accept or reject the document?

We will send you a payment instruction letter by mail. Just select “accept” or “do not accept” in the letter. Return it to your trade operations team by hand (or fax, if you have signed for fax indemnity). You can also provide payment instructions through DBS IDEAL.

Where do I collect the documents?

Our trade operations officer will contact you to arrange your preferred collection point.