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Outward Bill Collection (DA/DP)

Collect your payments easily and efficiently

Facilitate the flow of payment with our Outward Bill Collection. DBS acts as a professional agent to collect payments from the buyer on your behalf. Your transport documents are only released to the buyer once we’ve received either payment or an accepted bill of exchange/draft promising payment at a later date.


Documents against Acceptance (DA)

With DA, once the buyer has accepted the collection transaction and promised to pay on a fixed maturity date. Your export documents will be released to him by his bank.


Documents against Payment (DP)

With DP, once the buyer has paid, his bank will release your export documents to him.


How Does Outward Bill Collection Work?


  1. The seller and buyer enter into a contract and agree that payment be made on the basis of a documentary collection
  2. The seller ships the goods and tenders the documents to DBS (Remitting bank) together with a corresponding collection order
  3. DBS sends the documents along with its collection instructions to the buyer’s bank (Collecting bank)
  4. The Collecting bank notifies the buyer of the arrival of documents for payment/acceptance
  5. The buyer pays the amount due or accepts the draft and in turn receives the documents
  6. The Collecting bank remits the amount to DBS
  7. DBS credits the amount to the seller’s account


Why choose DBS Outward Bill Collection (DA/DP)

  • Grow your business with the Best Trade Finance Bank in Singapore, as named by Alpha Southeast Asia and The Asia Banker in 2012. We also received this accolade from Global Finance in 2012, for the 8th consecutive year
  • Enjoy the convenience of collection at one of our Trade collection branches or Enterprise Banking Centres
  • Access our Outward Bill Collection Services without the need for a credit facility
  • Convert assets to cash immediately, shorten your cash collection cycle and improve your cash flow by asking DBS to provide financing
  • Submit application forms and trade documents any time before 6pm to ensure your documents are processed on the same day. We offer one of the latest cut off times in Hong Kong for your convenience


How do I complete the application form?

Please call us at 2290 8068 for help in completing the application form.

How long do you take to process the documents?

If we receive the documents by 6pm on a working day, we can process them on the same day. If we receive the documents after 6pm, we will process them within the next working day.

How do I check the status of my documents?

You can track the status of your documents through DHL. In addition, you can also monitor payments through IDEAL™.

Do I need credit facility to apply for this service?

No, you do not need a credit facility to apply for this service.


How do I apply?

Simply submit your application form and trade documents at one of our Trade Collection Branches or Enterprise Banking Centres. Alternatively, you can apply via IDEAL™.

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