DBS IDEAL Mobile App

DBS IDEAL Mobile App

DBS IDEAL Mobile App

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Please be reminded to update your DBS IDEAL Mobile app to the latest version to continue enjoying seamless and secure digital banking services.




True Mobility

Access your personalised dashboard for quick enquiries and transactions via your mobile phone or tablet

digital token

DBS IDEAL Digital Token+

Bank securely and conveniently with simple tap and swipe verification, accessible from anywhere you are


Real-time Notifications

Get real-time alerts and notifications for your incoming funds, payment statuses, and low balance

Scan and Pay

Scan and Pay

Easily scan and use QR codes provided by payees and merchants for seamless transactions.

Optimise Your Experience

Access your account securely and instantly with just a touch

  Follow 4 simple steps to enable your biometric login:

 Log in to IDEAL Mobile using two-factor authentication

 Go to “Profile and Settings” > “Login & Security”

 Register by toggling “Use your face or fingerprint to login”

 Acknowledge the Security Tips


    Enable push notifications on phone to receive DBS updates

    Stay up to date with all the latest information from DBS

    Security Tips