Enjoy greater flexibility with immediate access to funding


Enjoy greater flexibility with immediate access to funding

At a Glance
An overdraft is a short-term standby credit facility for businesses. It provides you with access to additional funds up to an approved credit limit whenever you need an extra working capital to cover a gap in cash flow or manage unexpected business expenses. With our overdraft, you only pay interest on the amount you use, without a minimum requirement for your repayments.

Boost Cashflow

Immediate access to funds



Unsecured overdraft only charge interest on the funds used

Easy to apply

Save time and apply for a SME business overdraft online today!

Online Banking Platform

Manage your account overdraft limits and finances easily with DBS IDEAL, our online banking platform

How to Apply

To apply for a SME business overdraft, simply call DBS SME Loan Hotline at 2290 8123 or visit our SME Banking Centres and our Relationship Manager will be glad to assist you.

You will need to submit the following documents:

  • Company registration documents and business profile
  • Latest financial reports
  • Latest bank statements from major banks
  • Business owner(s) information
Apply loan under HK$10 million
Apply loan over HK$10 million
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What is a bank overdraft for SMEs?

A bank overdraft for SMEs is a line of credit issued by banks to clients that enables them to make transactions when their account balance falls below zero. SME businesses  that opt for an unsecured or secured overdraft facility service will only have to pay interest on the amount they use.

What is the difference between a bank overdraft and an instalment loan?

Bank overdrafts only charge interest on the funds you use, while instalment loans require you to repay the whole amount, including interest, in fixed instalments over a set period of time.

What is the interest rate on overdraft facility at DBS Bank?

For more information on the overdraft facility interest rate at DBS Bank, please call our BusinessCare Hotline 2290 8068, or visit our DBS SME Banking Centres to have a chat with our Relationship Managers.

How does the unsecured overdraft facility work?

Our overdraft facility allows flexible usage as you can loan up to an approved credit limit anytime. Interest is only charged on the amount used so you can better manage your funds.

How is my overdraft secured?

Your overdraft may be secured or unsecured. Eligible securities that may be considered include properties and fixed deposits.

How quickly do I have to pay back an unsecured overdraft?

There is no fixed repayment schedule of the principal and interest for overdrafts as this is a revolving line of credit given to our SME customers to meet their short-term funding needs.

Do I need to have a Business Account with DBS in order to use my overdraft facility?

Yes, you will need a DBS Business Account to be eligible for our overdraft and other working capital services.

Please refer to our DBS Business Account page for more details.

How will I know if my application has been approved?

A Relationship Manager will be assigned to you and will contact you to arrange for the necessary documents required to facilitate the overdraft to your DBS Business Account.

Please call us at 2290 8068 for more information and if you need assistance.

What is the limit for overdrafts provided by DBS Bank?

DBS does impose limits on overdrafts issued to SME customers with business accounts. To learn more, please contact DBS BusinessCare at 2290 8068 or visit our SME Banking Centres and our Relationship Managers will be glad to assist you.

Can I increase the limit of my unsecured overdraft?

If you need to increase the limit of your unsecured overdraft, please get in touch with us at 2290 8068 or visit one of DBS SME Banking Centres.

What is the overdue / default interest rate?

Please refer to this link: Overdue / Default interest rate


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